Traffic Sensitive Streets and Hours of working

Traffic Sensitive Streets and Hours of working

Traffic sensitive streets are sections of Newcastle City Council (NCC) network that are particularly sensitive to all works owing to the number of vehicles carried, their sensitivity on other major routes or they are protected public transport routes. Better management of traffic sensitive streets will allow the city’s traffic to move much more effectively.

NCC as Highway Authority has a duty to coordinate all events on the highway including street and roadworks.

NCC will provide advice and assistance when required to support works promoters to explore appropriate traffic management systems and innovative working in order to maximise traffic flow through the works.

At Newcastle we aim to minimise disruption to all road users and encourage the works promoters to adhere to our gazetteer data which notes the working times that we expect them to work to. Our street data is reviewed and amended to reflect each unique street and is a valuable source of information.

Any works promoters submitting notices will be able to view the data from their own gazetteer which is taken directly from the NCC systems.

If there is a high amenity footfall area works promoters should contact NCC.

NCC will advise works promoters that should the proposed works cause any potential conflict with other planned works permitted on a route, the works promoters should consider either rescheduling the works, the use of appropriate or alternative traffic management control or investigate the possibility of site sharing.

NCC reserves the right to issue a section 56 or section 66 direction in such cases but may only do so after all other possibilities have been exhausted. If the works continue, NCC reserves the right to issue a section 56 (1A) or section 66 direction should the works prove to cause significant congestion on the highway network.

If works are proposed during the following traffic sensitive times, then discussion is required with the Highway Control Assistant in advance as longer notice periods may be required for communication and co-ordination to take place. It is accepted that in some instances work during these traffic sensitive times are unavoidable;

  • 7:30am - 9:30am
  • 15:30pm – 18:00pm

In addition to the above, there are specific requirements for the Central Motorway and roads near the Airport. Therefore works promoters will be required to liaise with the Highway Control Assistant (HCA) if works are proposed in these areas. Refer to appendix 1 for contact details by area.

With regards to hours of working on site, we would welcome discussions concerning the options available. Works times in traffic sensitive situations may be adjusted in discussion with the Highway Control Assistance and then may length the works duration.

Works promoters should revisit their own reinstatement contracts to ensure that sites are not left for a period of days waiting for reinstatement; this is especially important on Traffic Sensitive Streets.

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