Report a breach of Planning Control

Report a breach of Planning Control


You can tell us about a possible Planning breach by clicking here.  But first please read the information below.

Here are other ways to tell us about a possible breach of planning control.


About Planning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement plays an essential role in delivering an effective Planning service.  We investigate possible breaches of Planning Control,  and find solutions when there is a breach, as well as monitoring development.


What is a "breach of Planning Control"?

A breach of Planning Control can include:

  • Building work and/or a change of use happening without the right Planning Permission
  • Development being carried out differently to what was agreed in the Planning Permission
  • Not complying with conditions of a Planning Permission, for example hours of opening.

There are also other rules which Planning Enforcement can look into. Breaches of Planning legislation can include:

  • Works being done to a Listed Building without Listed Building permission being granted
  • Not being in compliance with conditions of a Listed Building consent
  • The display of advertisements when permission is required,  but has not been given
  • The removal or damage of protected trees and/or trees within a Conservation Area,  when notification or permission is needed but has not been given
  • Untidy land or buildings, which the owners are neglecting
  • A letting board outside a property in an area in which this is not allowed, or a change of a house to a student house in a restricted area.  You can check our interactive map to see which areas of the city these restrictions are in.

Not all development or change of use needs Planning Permission. You can find out more on our page 'Is Planning Permission Needed?', and at the Planning Portal.


What can we do?

When we investigate a possible breach, we make an assessment to decide what action, if any, is necessary. The team will usually attempt to resolve problems through negotiation first.  This might lead to a Planning Application being made, or telling the landowner what they should do to solve specific problems.

If we can't resolve things this way, we can consider using more formal enforcement proceedings. We will take enforcement action when it is appropriate in the circumstances. Any action taken must meet the tests as set out in government guidance and be in proportion. Formal enforcement action might not always be appropriate.


Before You Contact Us

Firstly, you can use our Planning Public Access records to see if there is permission granted for a particular development, and what the planning conditions are.


Report a possible breach of planning control

  • The quickest way is to use the Planning online public portal.   You will need to  
    • register your details here  (your details will always remain confidential)
    • make sure you log in on the site here
    • and use this form
      • Please include the following information: -
        • Complaint name/name of business (if known.)
        • Complaint address.
        • Details of your enquiry/complaint. Please provide as much information as possible and attach photographs if available. Please also advise if any works are currently taking place.
        • Your name, address and preferred contact method.
        • Please read our Privacy Notice which tells you how we use information.

The complainant's details are completely confidential, so we do not usually investigate anonymous complaints. If complainants feel uncomfortable in providing their contact details, we will be able to advise on the best course of action. You can also contact your councillor to submit an enquiry on your behalf.

Planning Enforcement is not able to assist in matters which are covered by other legislation, for example, complaints in relation to public health, high hedges, or the improper use of the highway. Any complaints on these issues will be passed onto the right department.


View our planning enforcement service online

The Enforcement Register contains a summary of Notices served under the Town and Country Planning Acts and related legislation. For details of current Enforcement Notices, please view the Enforcement Register. It is fully searchable for address, ward or case reference.

Only information in relation to notices issued within 5 years of the date of your search are shown.

  • Disclaimer: The information provided in relation to notices and The Register of Enforcement and Stop Notices is for guidance only. It should not be considered as a replacement for an official local land charges search. If you are carrying out research pertaining to the conveyance of land or for any other official reason it is strongly recommended that you carry out a local land charges search.

Did you know?

We do not usually investigate anonymous complaints. The complainant's details are completely confidential, but if you don't feel comfortable providing contact information, we will be able to advise on the best course of action. You can also contact your councillor to submit an enquiry on your behalf.


Before you contact us, you can check to see if there is permission granted for a particular development, and what the planning conditions are, using our Planning Public Access records.

You can register your personal details and log in to the site, but this is not compulsory.


If you have a complaint about fly-posting, fly-tipping, high hedges, pest control, car repairs on the road, animals, pollution or rubbish, it is the Environmental Health team who will be able to deal with this type of enquiry.

Need more information?

Here are some guides to extensions and other works that you are allowed to do to your property (links to external website)

Here is some guidance on Ensuring Effective Enforcement, on the government website.

See our Protocol for full guidance on our service and our performance standards.