Taxi Bays

Taxi Bays

Across Newcastle, numerous taxi bays have been introduced into the city and are generally located near to bars, restaurants and shops.

Depending on the location of the taxi bay and the nearby amenities, it can determine the length of time the taxi bay is in operation.  Some bays are in operation for a short period of time to accommodate other types of restriction; others are in operation 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

If there are no times on the taxi sign adjacent to the bay, this means that the bay will be in operation 7 days a week 24 hours a day. 

The bay is marked out on the highway with the word ‘Taxi’. There will also be a sign adjacent to the bay.

Taxi bay, marked with ‘Taxis’ on the highway


Yellow no waiting sign adjacent to bays states ‘no waiting except taxis’

If the taxi bay is only in operation for a certain part of the day it will be designated for other users outside of the taxi time,;this is known as a shared use or dual use bay. The bays are marked with a single yellow line on the highway and a sign at the side of the bay will advise of the restriction. As the bay is of dual use, there is no requirement for the word “taxi” to be marked on the highway. Please see photograph below.

Dual use bay for taxis and loading


Dual use sign the first part of the sign is yellow with a no waiting symbol and states ‘No waiting 6.30pm – 8am except taxis’. Underneath is the standard goods vehicle loading sign which has a picture of the loading/unloading symbol and states ‘Goods vehicle loading only 8am – 6.30pm’

For further information about the locations and operating times, please click onto either of the following links:

Taxi bays (pdf, 84.9kb)

Shared use bays - Loading / Taxi (pdf, 50kb)


Taxi Ranks are only to be used by Hackney Carriage Taxis whose licences have been issued by Newcastle City Council.

When a Newcastle City Council Hackney Carriage licensed taxi is on a taxi rank, the driver must be with the vehicle at all times. The reason for this is that the vehicle is permitted to park in the bay when they are plying for hire only; this information is given to all taxi drivers when they are issued their taxi licence.

If a Hackney Carriage licenced taxi parks on a Taxi Rank but the taxi is not licenced by Newcastle City Council, a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) to the vehicle.

If a Private Hire taxi parks in a Hackney Carriage Taxi Rank, a PCN will be issued by a CEO as Private Hire Taxis are not permitted to be parked in a Taxi Rank at any time.

If a Hackney Carriage taxi driver is not with the motor vehicle whilst it is parked on a Taxi Rank, a PCN will be issued to the vehicle as drivers must be with their vehicle at all times whilst on the taxi rank. 

If a vehicle is parked on a Hackney Carriage Taxi Rank during the operational times and it is not a Hackney Carriage Taxi, a PCN will be issued by a CEO.

If a Disabled Blue Badge holder parks in a Hackney Carriage Taxi Rank during the operational times, a PCN will be issued by a CEO as Disabled Blue Badge holders are not permitted to park in these bay.

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