Newcastle Libraries Public PCs - Acceptable use policy

Newcastle Libraries Public PCs - Acceptable use policy


  1. This service is provided to give free access to the internet together with a range of PC software.
  2. In order to manage demand, a booking system is in place. Appointments will be cancelled where customers are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment and there are other people waiting to use the service. Customers can book for an initial three hour session which can be extended on request.
  3. Customers may save material to memory devices or on the ‘My Documents’ or ‘desktop’ of the local drive. Please note that all internet borrowing history and saved documents will be deleted when your session is finished.
  4. Printouts of downloaded material are subject to a charge.
  5. All copyright laws must be observed. A poster summarising copyright requirements is on display in each library.
  6. Accessing, transmitting, downloading or viewing any materials which contravene the law is strictly forbidden. This condition includes, but is not limited to, material which is deemed to be extremist, threatening, obscene or libellous. Library staff can at any time suspend the facility of a customer they suspect of failing to comply with these terms. Customers breaking the terms of this agreement may have their access to library computers removed for a set period or indefinitely.
  7. In order to limit disruption to other customers, viewing of the internet will normally be limited to no more than two people per screen.
  8. Newcastle City Council (NCC) is providing an internet service to improve the range and quality of information available to customers. A filtering system is in operation and logs are kept of sites visited on any session. We reserve the right to check on usage to ensure that this Policy is adhered to. Our filter providers filter sites that fall into the following categories: adult/sexually explicit, criminal skills, hacking, illegal drugs, intolerance and hate, spyware, violence and weapons.
  9. Customers must not use computers to view broadcast TV or any other streaming service that may be subject to copyright film works. Should they do this, they are breaking the law and can be prosecuted.
  10. A library membership card is non-transferable and must only be used by the individual to whom it is intended. Failure to adhere to this could result in library membership being suspended.


  1. NCC has no control over the content of internet sites. We cannot take responsibility for the content, and although filtering takes place, material which some people may find offensive could be accessed, even accidentally.
  2. The library service and Newcastle City Council accepts no responsibility for the nature, or the accuracy of the information accessed or retrieved.
  3. Where commercial transactions have taken place, the Council cannot be held liable for any losses which may result or for the security of any personal data which customers may choose to divulge during such transactions.
  4. The Council cannot be held responsible for any loss of data, damage or liability which may occur from the use of a library’s computer.

Children and young people under 16

  1. Children aged under 8 will be allowed to use library computers only if accompanied by an adult.
  2. Children aged 8 to 14 are allowed unaccompanied computer access to sites selected by the library, provided that their application form for membership has been signed by a parent/legal guardian.
  3. Young people of 14 to 15 are allowed unaccompanied access to the computers and Internet.
  4. The parent or guardian is responsible for the material that their children view.  The Library Service assumes no responsibility for supervising access by children.  

Help from library staff

Please note that library staff are able to give brief, initial guidance on how to access the services but are not able to offer detailed training of lengthy support.

Computer and digital training is available at libraries and online.

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