How to borrow tablet computers at City Library

How to borrow tablet computers at City Library

Hublets are free to use portable tablet devices. They are available to borrow on Level 1 of City Library. You just need your library card information to borrow one. You can use the device anywhere in the library and can surf the internet, check your email, catch up with social media and search the library catalogue. The Hublets are useless outside of City Library and will not work if removed from the building.

With a Hublet you can:  
Access current magazines through the Libby app (just enter your membership number and PIN)

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Read eBooks or listen to audiobooks through the Borrowbox app (enter your membership number and PIN), you'll need your own headphones

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You can visit your favourite website or look at your social media feeds



Check your email


Use the camera to take photographs or scan documents

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Don't worry - all your personal data and files will be wiped when you return the Hublet to the shelf. 

Did you know?

You can use the Hublet anywhere in City Library, so find yourself somewhere comfy.

Hublets are really easy to use: 

  1. Touch the screen on the shelf to start and choose 'library card'
  2. Scan you library card or enter your membership number
  3. Enter you usual PC pin code
  4. When your done the return the tablet to the station, your history and data will be automatically wiped



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