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Death Positive Library


We recognise that libraries are uniquely placed to be a centre for bereavement support, as well as a trusted space where conversations about death and dying can take place. Libraries Connected are a national charity representing public libraries. They plan to create a national framework to enable all libraries to be death positive, so they can provide effective support focused on death-related issues for their communities.

Annual events

Dying Matters Week takes place in May to help raise awareness of the importance of talking about death, dying and bereavement. 

National Grief Awareness Week takes place in December with the aim of trying to normalise grief and get people talking about this typically uncomfortable subject on a national platform.


Book Lists and Support Websites

eBooks Collection  titles cover the topic of death, dying, grief and bereavement and are available to borrow from BorrowBox with your library card number and pin.

Book List  this is a wider booklist around the topic. Many of the titles are available to borrow from Newcastle Libraries.

Support Websites  list of support websites for death, dying and bereavement.

The Reading Agency  information on bereavement support and how libraries can help.


Where did Death Positive Libraries begin?

Newcastle Libraries have recently worked with Redbridge and Kirklees library services in collaboration with researchers from Northumbria University to make libraries more death positive places. This project was funded through the Engaging Libraries programme which is administered by Wellcome Trust, Carnegie Trust UK and Wolfson Foundation.  Part of the project is Tickets to the Afterlife.

If you would like to find out more please visit our dedicated Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Did you know?

You can use the Death Positive Libraries digital experience to decide.... 

Continue your journey and get your Tickets to the Afterlife

afterlifer image

Love does not end when someone dies. Love evolves and takes on new forms, living on through technology, through the earth cradling our bodies and the memories which we keep in out hearts and on our devices.

Fear not dear visitor, we are going where many have gone before. From the Egyptians who believed they held the keys to immortality, to Shinto shrines where ancestors remain present, to the ghosts that we all hold in our machines – divine spectres that live in that space between pixel and memory.

So, follow the pathway to the knowledge that will lead you on a journey until you discover your own Ticket for the Afterlife! Then receive a personalised recommendation of books to help you think through your chosen ‘ticket’.

This site will help you explore a range of choices for what to do with your body, memories and legacies that span the past, present, future of death and dying.

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