Terms and conditions for Room Hire and Exhibition Space in Newcastle Libraries

Terms and conditions for Room Hire and Exhibition Space in Newcastle Libraries

Anyone confirming a booking to hire rooms or display spaces within Newcastle Libraries is also agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions.


Bookings and charges

i.    Rooms can be booked by the hour. Charges are levied per hour, or part thereof.  Exact times and charges will be agreed at the time of booking.

ii.   Organisers of events must ensure that everyone attending leaves the building by the normal closing time unless an extension has been agreed beforehand.

iii.   All sessions outside normal opening times will be charged at a higher rate.

iv.   All sessions finishing later than the agreed time will be charged for an additional session.

v.   Exhibition spaces and display cabinets are bookable and charged by the week, from Thursday 12 noon and must be cleared by 11am the following Thursday,  ready for the next exhibition.

vi.   Room hire charges include standard equipment set up and any technical support needed.

vii.  Rooms and spaces will be hired out to groups and individuals in line with the Library's income policy, social inclusion policy and hire charges. The final decision to hire out any facility and the charges that apply will be taken by the Library Service's senior managers.

viii.  A discounted rate is offered to local community groups and registered charities.

ix.   All reductions to full rates will be at the discretion of the Newcastle Libraries senior managers.

x.   Newcastle Libraries retains the right to change room reservation to another room to allow for essential maintenance or to accommodate another event.

xi.   Any cleaning or repair due to misuse or damage of the room or equipment will be chargeable.

Confirmation and payment

i.    Accepted bookings will be asked to confirm their intention by email or in writing.

ii.   A full refund will be given for any cancellation received by email or in writing more than 7 days before the event.

iii.   No refund will be given for any cancellation received less than 7 days before the event and all unpaid charges for the period of hire shall remain payable.

iv.   The agreed charges are due at the time of booking, and not less than 30 days in advance of the event.

Events’ promotion

i.    Publicity is the responsibility of the organisers and any material intended for display or distribution must be approved by Newcastle Libraries.

ii.   Promotion of events must not be carried out and publicity should not be displayed within library buildings or directly outside the library without the permission of Newcastle Libraries.

iii.   We welcome the use of the media to publicise events, but agreement must be reached in advance between the organisers and Newcastle Libraries senior managers over the admittance of the press, radio and television reporters and cameras.

v.   The sale of any art work or goods is the responsibility of the event organisers.

Setting up and dismantling displays and equipment

i.    Organisers are responsible for the setting up and dismantling of their displays.

ii.   The method of attachment of any hanging displays must be approved by Newcastle Libraries in advance of the exhibition.

iii.   Access to the library for delivery and removal of display items must be from the loading bay and agreed in advance.

iv.   Failure to dismantle displays by the agreed time may lead to dismantling by Newcastle Libraries who take no responsibility for any loss or damage.

v.   Newcastle Libraries retains the right to move free-standing displays to allow other activities to take place in the library.

Insurance, health and safety

i.    All organisers and hirers using the exhibition space, performance space or meeting rooms must report to staff on arrival.

ii.   All entrances, gangways and emergency exits must be kept free from obstruction at all times.

iii.   All visitors should note the fire procedures and exit routes.

iv.   If the fire alarm sounds the event organisers should ensure everyone attending leaves the building as quickly as possible, using the nearest signed route to meet at the assembly point.

v.   Newcastel Libraries shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property or injury to any person arising out of the hiring. Users should arrange and pay for their own insurance.

Licenses and copyright

i.    Hirers must be aware of and are responsible for the payment of any fees for performing

rights, licenses or copyright permissions linked to their performances, exhibitions or


ii.    It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure they have the relevant licences in place to cover any entertainment, including the streaming of film works.  If the Hirer fails to obtain the appropriate licences and an infringement occurs the Hirer will indemnify the Council against any losses suffered as a result thereof, including all reasonable legal fees incurred.

Accessibility and Equality

i.    Exhibition organisers should aim for as high a standard of display as is possible. Newcastle Libraries reserves the right to require the removal of any display or exhibition which is not to a reasonable standard or promotes causes at variance with Newcastle City Council's policies or decisions.

ii. All our spaces should be fully accessible, if you or your visitors require any specific access requirements please let a member of staff know.


Did you know?

Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015

To discharge duties placed upon the Council under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 – s29 and section E paragraph 45 of the Guidance for specified authorities in England and Wales on the duty in the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism (Revised 16th July 2015).

Newcastle City Council will not permit its accommodation to be let:

• For political rallies or demonstrations (this excludes all Local, National Assembly and Parliamentary election activities as outlined in s.95 and s.96 of the Representation of the People Act 1983 as amended or any other relevant legislation)

• For purposes which are illegal i.e. be they forbidden by law or unauthorised by official or accepted rules

• For functions attended by people whose presence may cause civil unrest or division within the community

• To an organisation or individual which has been banned by law

The Council also reserves the right to cancel any booking where it considers:

• That such events may be contrary to the interest of the general public or contrary to any law or act of Parliament. Any bookings may also be subject to consideration from the police to ensure the safety of the community is assessed against the request for a venue booking.

• The users of the premises may do something that may cause or pose a risk of loss, damage or significant expense to the Council or harm the reputation of the Council.

Newcastle City Council is committed to creating a community which is safe and inclusive, where facilities and activities are available to diverse groups of people having access to similar life opportunities, knowing their rights and responsibilities and where local institutions act fairly. To this purpose, no individuals or groups will be denied the opportunity for access to local authority managed properties unless there is a justifiable reason to do so within the spirit of this policy.

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