Newcastle Homelessness Prevention Forum

Newcastle Homelessness Prevention Forum

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Newcastle's Homelessness Prevention Forum was established in 2004 and brings together a range of different partners to work together on preventing homelessness in Newcastle.

Our partnership working arrangements and meeting dates

We hold forum meetings on a quarterly basis. 

Meeting dates for 2021

  • Wednesday 10  March, 10am to 12pm.
  • Wednesday 9 June, 10am to 12pm.
  • Wednesday 8 September, 10am to 12pm.
  • Wednesday 8 December, 10am to 12pm.

For more information or to attend please contact  

Our aim is to ensure that no one in Newcastle needs to be homeless and we believe that we work best in partnership to achieve this.

Quarterly Homelessness Review

We produce briefing notes on a quarterly basis to highlight trends and to review how we are doing in relation to our work on homelessness prevention. Copies of these from previous years are included below  

Our quarterly review information is currently presented at each Homelessness Prevention Forum and circulated to attendees, if you would like copies of past presentations please email 








(Please note that in some cases the numbers are quarterly rather than cumulative and they are considered correct at the time of writing. There may be subsequent changes to some numbers, for example in instances where there is a delay in cases being added to a database at the end of a quarter)

Did you know?

Active Inclusion Newcastle sends out a weekly email which includes information and news items on issues related to homelessness prevention and financial inclusion, including future dates of partnership meetings and other items of interest. 

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Need more information?

If you would like to attend the Homelessness Prevention Forum,  or would like further information about our work on homelessness prevention please email

Please also contact us if you would like copies of any presentations that have been delivered at past Forum meetings.

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