Apply for a recycling centre and tipping site permit

Apply for a recycling centre and tipping site permit

Important updates: The permit system will be suspended from 22 December 2023 to 8 January 2024 so vans will not be able to use the sites at this time. 



The permit system for larger vehicles has been changed and qualifying vehicles can now access the Brunswick site only, 7 days a week. Please follow the instructions on this page to use the WasteBot for permits. Remember last entry for vehicles with permits is one hour before closing.

All you need is a mobile phone and some photo ID and a proof of address. No more waiting for paper permits in the post! It is also quick and easy to update your details if you change vehicles or move within the city.

WasteBot - How to Apply by Text

  • Text 'waste' to this number 07492 880069
  • Follow the instructions as the WasteBot texts you back.
  • You will be asked by text to confirm your name and address. This process takes approximately 1 minute to complete. There may be a slight delay (up to 15 seconds) after sending first text message.
  • You will be registered to use our automated text permit service where you can receive your permit immediately to your mobile phone. You can also see other site related information, like opening times.
  • Each time you visit the site you will need to take your driving licence (or other photo identification and proof of Newcastle address), with you. You will also need to show your text message permit.
  • Access to the site remains at the discretion of Site Operatives. You should review the 'site usage guidelines' below ahead of your visit. You can still be refused access even if you have a permit.

For full Terms and Conditions relating to our use of Text Bots and Cognitive Services visit here. You can also see the full list of text based functions you can complete.

Who needs a tipping permit?

Residents of Newcastle who intend to deliver their household waste to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres using any of the following vehicle types will be required to apply for a permit in advance before they are allowed access to the site:

  • Van (including Hire Vans)
  • Car-derived van 
  • Pick-up Truck
  • Campervans and Minibuses
  • Any vehicle/people carrier exceeding 7 seats (even if some seats have been removed)
  • Any vehicle towing a trailer
  • Any vehicle displaying company livery or logo
  • Any vehicle with rear seats removed/ or modified

For safety and to help reduce site congestion, the following vehicles are not allowed on site:

  • Vehicles over 2m high
  • Vehicles over 6m long
  • Vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes
  • Trailers exceeding 3m (including the tow bar)
  • Dropside vans and Tipper/Flatbed vans

You are issued with 6 permits for a 12 month period. The permits are automatically renewed 12 months from the date that you first signed up. 

For example if you first registered for your permits on 5 August 2023 and used them all, it would automatically reissue 6 new permits on 6 August 2024.

Trade waste is not accepted. It is a criminal offence for any trades person or company to use a House Waste Recycling Centre to dispose of their waste.  Attendants are instructed to turn away and report any vehicles suspected of trying to dispose of trade waste. Newcastle City Council monitors the sites and prosecutes trade users.

Site usage guidelines

  • Only residents of the Newcastle City Council area can access the sites.
  • Trade waste is not accepted and if you are suspected of having trade waste you will be asked to leave regardless of whether you have a permit.
  • If you intend to borrow or hire a van or trailer then you should apply using your home address and if not driving the vehicle accompany the driver to the site.
  • You must provide your driving licence (or other photo evidence plus proof of residence in Newcastle) along with your text to confirm your identity.
  • We will carry out random proof of resident checks
  • Access to the site remains at the discretion of Site Operatives.
  • Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated on site. You will be asked to leave and may face further action.
  • It is good practice to sort your waste in your vehicle before you arrive on site and check that the site you intend to visit can accept your items, for example fridges are only accepted at one site. See here for what is accepted at the sites
  • For your own safety you cannot bring waste into the site by foot
  •  Brunswick Household Waste recycling centre does not accept rubble. The alternative sites for disposal are Walbottle and Byker.

Did you know?

Our Important Site Rules

We carry out random residency checks for all site users.

If you need to check your local authority area, you can use the Local Authority Checker provided by the government.

We strongly advise that all users check that the vehicle they plan to use meets these rules before travelling to the site. This helps to prevent queues, improve safety and reduce delays being caused to other customers.

The following vehicles are not allowed:

  • Vehicles over 2m high
  • Vehicles over 6m long
  • Vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes
  • Trailers exceeding 3m (including the tow bar)
  • Dropside vans and Tipper/Flatbed vans

Please note that  height restriction barriers are implemented at all three of our Household Waste Recycling Centres. Vehicles over 2m high won't be able to access any of the sites, as they don't conform with Vehicle Permit Terms and Conditions.

Our staff will not let in vehicles if they do not meet these regulations. The barriers will not be moved or lifted.

Need more information?

If you do not have a mobile phone or have difficulty using the WasteBot, please phone 0191 2787878 and ask for "Your Local Services"

You might want to consider options other than using our sites, including online reuse websites, such as Freecycle and Gumtree and charitable donations.

See here for more information

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