Kenton Bar Flood Alleviation Scheme

Kenton Bar Flood Alleviation Scheme

Kenton Bar Primary School and 54 properties have been identified as being at risk of surface water flooding. Kenton Bar Primary School flooded in 2012 and has had frequent significant disruption following episodes of heavy rainfall. Some residents living in the affected area did report flooding inside their homes during the storms of 2012 and on several occasions previously. These residents told us the consequences of flooding were severe, having had serious damage to their homes and negative effects on their health and mental wellbeing.

Modelling to replicate the impact of rainfall and surface water has been undertaken on specialist software, this has identified the depth and extent of flooding coming from the higher ground at Kenton Lane, and flowing towards the low-lying areas of Ryal Walk, Hartburn Walk and Kenton Bar Primary School. Run off from Kenton School football fields also contributes to flooding in these areas.

During intense rainfall events surface water flows cannot enter the sewer network quickly enough and surface water flows are created, causing flooding to Kenton Bar Primary School, and entering people’s homes through airbricks, garages and over door thresholds.

Newcastle City Council, in its role as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) can apply for funding to deliver projects that reduce the risk of surface water flooding. Capital funding for this project has been secured from the Environment Agency and the Department for Education.


Flood Alleviation Proposals – Kenton Bar

The attached drawings outline the proposed features and locations of our detailed design proposal. 


Byrness Close Plan

Byrness Close 2.pdf (444.7kb)


( i

Hazeldene Avenue Plan

Hazeldene Avenue 2.pdf (830.6kb)


Byrness Close landscape layout plan

235_001_Byrness_Landscape_P02-A3 2023.pdf (707.6kb)


The measures that are being proposed to prevent flooding are:

  • Creating detention basins in grassed areas to temporarily hold excess water in the Byrness Close area and on Kenton Bar Primary School and Kenton School playing fields.
  • New pipes to connect basins to the public sewer network.
  • Amendments to highways, footways, kerb lines and drainage on certain roads to direct flows into the basins and away from properties.

The Byrness Close basin works are programmed to start the week commencing 3rd April 2023.

In this phase of the work, a basin will be excavated on the green on Byrness Close, to temporarily hold excess surface water during intense storms before releasing it at a controlled rate into the sewer network.. Two high-capacity gullies will be installed in Byrness Close and the basin will be connected to the public sewer.

Water will only flow into the basin when the existing highway drainage is already working at full capacity. This means the basin will normally be dry. Any water collected in the basin will drain away.

Once the excavation and new sewer connection are complete, the basin and surrounding area will be grassed, with bulbs and some trees planted in some areas of the green.

To deliver the project in a safe and efficient way, a site compound will need to be created to store machinery, materials, and staff welfare facilities. The location for this compound will be the car parking area on Byrness Close which means that all car parking in that area will be suspended from 3rd April 2023 for up to 16 weeks.

We have considered other locations for the compound, but for environmental and health & safety reasons, cost and the space required, there were no suitable alternatives.

Alternative parking may be found in Hazeldene Avenue, outside of yellow lines and some temporary parking spaces will be made available in front of unused garages in Byrness Close.

Once these basin works are complete, the team will move on to do further works on the school playing fields at Kenton School and Kenton Bar Primary School. This work has been programmed to take place during the summer holidays.


Frequently Asked Questions:


I currently park my car in the area that is fenced off for the works, so where can I park my car now?

Alternative parking may be found in Hazeldene Avenue, outside of yellow lines and some temporary parking spaces will be made available in front of unused garages in Byrness Close.


What are the changes to the bin collection? How do I know if I’m affected by the change?

If you’re affected by the changes to bin collections, you will be informed of this by a letter.


Are there any footpaths that are going to be closed during the works?

Yes. The footpath in front of the green area at the end of Byrness Close will be closed for the duration of the works, however the footpaths around the green will remain open.


How will the work area be protected and secured?

Heras fencing will be placed around the working areas, and the site will remain closed other than to construction vehicles and members of staff.


What should I do if I think there are safety issues affecting the site outside of working hours?

Outside of working hours, the council will continue to monitor the site. You should report any issues online at  or ringing 0191 278 7878 and asking for 'Your Local Services'. It will then be passed onto the right team for action.


How will the scheme benefit the residents in Kenton Bar?

The scheme will better protect properties on Kenton Bar Estate and Kenton Bar Primary School from surface water flooding in the future. When the effects of climate change are taken into account, flood events are expected to become more frequent.

Landscaping works will improve the look of the area, introducing planting, trees and improving biodiversity.


What are the working hours?

The working hours are Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 4pm and Fridays 7.30am to 12.30pm.


When will noisy work take place?

No noisy work will take place before 8am.  


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