Flooding and heavy rain

Flooding and heavy rain

When heavy rain is forecast it is important to be ready for flooding.

That includes knowing what to do:

When a flood does happen we work with other agencies to keep you safe and help reduce its impact.

If you believe flooding poses a threat to life:

  • call 999

What to do before a flood

Long before it rains or flooding occurs there are steps you can take to prepare.

To see if your home or business is at risk:

If you are at risk:

Then learn about:

As part of this you should:

You should also speak to neighbours and may want to:

What to do during a flood

The Government offers an online service to:

For advice on flooding, at any time of the day or night:

  • call Floodline on 0345 988 1188

Who you need to contact about a flood may depend on:

  • where flood water is coming from
  • where it is causing a problem

For general advice on dealing with flooding see:


For floods on the A1 and A69:

For all other roads in Newcastle:

Rivers and streams

For flooding from the River Tyne or the Ouseburn:

  • call the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60

Other rivers and streams are the responsibility of the home or landowner.    

Sewers and water pipes

On your property you are responsible for:

  • overflowing sewers or drains
  • water pipes
  • internal pipes

If they cause flooding you should:

  • contact a plumber or drainage contractor

For sewer leaks and burst water mains on public land contact Northumbrian Water.

To report burst water mains:

To report a sewer leak:

If you are unsure if it is a private or public sewer causing a flood, contact Northumbrian Water.

What do after a flood

After a flood, the Government website has advice on:

You should, once you have dealt with the immediate effects of flooding, plan for the future.

Find out how to:


For general non-emergency advice contact our Flood Management Team. To do so:

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