Claim your £150 Energy Support payment

Claim your £150 Energy Support payment

The Government is providing £150 for most households living in properties in council tax bands A to D.

While most residents in Newcastle have received this, some people may need to apply.

We will need to confirm your payment information if you:

  • do not pay your council tax by Direct Debit
  • were invited to make an application

You can either:

  • supply your bank account details so we can pay the money straight into your bank account
  • ask for us to credit the £150 against your council tax bill

Making an application

When applying for this support you must decide in what form you want the payment.

The £150 can be:

  • paid into your bank account
  • credited against your council tax bill

For both options we will need your:

  • property reference number
  • council tax reference number
  • consent to carry our checks related to your application

To find your property reference number:

To find your council tax reference number (which begins 06 or 152):

  • see the letter we sent you about the energy support payments
  • check your council tax bill


Payment into your bank account 

As well as your reference numbers and consent, to pay money into your bank account we will need your:

  • bank account details

To request we pay the £150 into your bank account:

The register option is on the bottom right of the page.

Due to the current high demand payments may take between 15 and 20 working days to reach your account


Credit for your council tax account

To request we credit your council tax account:

The register option is on the bottom right of the page.


Verifying applications

We are using a third party company, Ascendant Solutions Ltd, to verify applications.

This will help us make payments as soon as possible and reduce any fraudulent claims.


Once we have confirmed your details we will make the payment via your preferred method.

This can between 15 and 20 working days.

Energy advice

Our energy advice page has more information on:

  • support you can access yourself
  • advice and support we offer
  • Government support
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