Help for children and families

Help for children and families

We want all children and young people to be equal, safe and achieve.

Sometimes families need some extra support and we can help you find the help you need, whether that's through us or a partner organisation.

Ask for help

Family life can be tough and sometimes we all need a bit of help. You don’t need to face challenges on your own. 

Whether you’re looking to tackle an ongoing problem or prevent one from happening, early help can support your family - whatever the age of children - to stay on track. 

Find out more about the early help for families available.

Support for children with disabilities

Our children with disabilities team ensure that all families with a disabled child are, when they ask, offered information, advice and support to access the services they need. 

Find out more on our helping children with disabilities page.

Support for young carers

We know that there are children and young people in Newcastle looking after parents, siblings or grandparents who have:

  • a disability
  • serious illness
  • mental health issues
  • an alcohol, drug or substance abuse problem

We know that can be hard and that if you care for someone, you may like to talk to someone or ask for help.

Please find out more about the support for young carers we offer.

Keeping children safe

Find out what to do if you are worried for the safety a child or young person living in Newcastle. 

Working together to offer the support you need

Children and Families Newcastle sees us working together with the health, community and voluntary sectors to support people to get the help and support that they want and need.

Information for professionals

If you are working to support children, young people and families in Newcastle find out how we can help you to provide the right help at the right time.

Did you know?

The Newcastle Support Directory can offer information and advice about local services that can help you.

It is also a good place to look to find information about childcare and school places.

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