Historical Searches

Historical Searches

Please note that due to the current high demand for certificates we are not currently accepting family history certificate applications or carrying out any historical searches.

The Register Office holds registers for births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships in Newcastle upon Tyne from 1837 to the present day.

Not all of our records are indexed so search results can be limited. If your index search does not return a result you should fill in an application form.

If you do not know an exact date and place of an event our staff can search a maximum of 2 years’ records around an approximate date.  You will need to fill in an application form and include the following information:

  • The type of event
  • First and last names
  • Place
  • The date range you want us to search


Apply for copy certificates and search our indexes


A certificate must be paid for at the time of application.  If we cannot find the record you are looking for using the information you have provided we will refund your money. Please see our fees page for more information.


A General Register Office Index (GRO) reference may help you to narrow down the period you ask us to search for you, but the GRO Index reference does not help the Register Office in any other way.


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