All local authorities have a statutory responsibility to identify children who are missing from education (CME), and those pupils at risk of missing education. This applies to children of compulsory school age who are not on a school roll, and who are not receiving any other suitable form of education in place of being at school (for example, being educated at home, privately, or in alternative provision).

How can children and young people go 'missing from education'?

There are a number of recognised points where children or young people can go missing from education. These include:

  • Failure to start appropriate provision at 'reception' age and therefore never entering the educational system 
  • After any form of exclusion from education 
  • Failure to complete the transition from primary to secondary school 
  • Delays in applying for a new school when a family arrive in the city 
  • Delays in applying for a new school when a child leaves an independent (private) school 
  • Child removed from school by family who leave the area with no forwarding address 
  • Child removed and not registered as "home educated"

These 'missing' children are amongst the most vulnerable children in Newcastle. It is essential that practitioners in all services work together to identify and re-engage these children, back into appropriate educational provision as quickly as possible.

In Newcastle, the Access and Attendance Service is responsible for children who are missing from education. The team establishes and monitors a proactive system for seeking information regarding CME, recording the details, and tracking/monitoring the progress of such pupils as they are re-engaged in education.

Statutory and voluntary agencies in Newcastle are asked to notify us should you become aware of the arrival or existence of a child living in Newcastle but not in education. This will help to ensure that vulnerable children and young people in Newcastle do not 'slip through the net'. Members of the public can also inform the Access and Attendance Team of children and young people who they think may be 'missing from education'

To report a child missing from education, or at risk of being missing from education, please contact:
Phone: 0191 277 4500

Write to us:
Access and Attendance Service
Newcastle City Council
Room 225 Civic Centre
Barras Bridge
Newcastle upon Tyne

•    Children missing education policy and procedures (pdf)

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2 October 2018
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