Great North Road – Broadway East and West to Brunton Lane Improvements

In order to carry out the works safely and efficiently, and in order to minimise disruption while Killingworth Road is closed and other roadworks in the area are ongoing, the works will be carried out in a number of phases.

Wherever possible, two lanes will be maintained in both directions.  However, occassionaly we will need to introduce temporary lane closures and traffic signals.

A temporary speed limit of 30mph will be introduced, between Broadway East and West and Brunton Lane. This will be in both directions for the duration of works.

A temporary speed limit of 30mph will be introduced, between Broadwya East adn West and Brunton Lane. This will be in both directions for the duration of the works.

The continious white line is a temporary edge of carriageway road marking which is in place to create a safe working zone for the workers constructing the new cycle track off the highway, and to try to minimise the need for temporary lane closures.

While the majority of the works will be carried out during normal working hours Monday to Friday, some works will need to be carried out overnight or at weekends.

When we carry out resurfacing works at the side road junctions, some of these roads will need to be closed temporarily for short durations.  We will notify those affected by these works nearer the time.

We apologise in advance for the unavoidable noise and disruption, however it will be kept to a minimum at all times.

June 2018 Update

Phase 1A – southbound bus stop south of Glamis Avenue to Park Drive link footpath

The majority of the works within this section are complete except for traffic signs and road markings.  The area in front of the stone bus shelter will be resurfaced once the ownership of the shelter has been transferred to the parish council.  The raised table (large road hump) and associated works on Newlands Avenue will be carried out at a later date, when other similar works across the scheme are ready to be surfaced.

Phase 1B – southbound bus stop south of Polwarth Drive to Three Mile Bridge

Works along this section commenced in May and will continue southbound to a point a short distance north of Three Mile Bridge.  The existing footpath will remain largely untouched, with the new cycle-track generally being constructed in the grass verge, between existing trees and the kerb-line.  These works are expected to take approximately 10 to 12 weeks to complete.

Phase 1C – northbound, north of Three Mile Bridge to Fencer Hill Park access

This section will follow on from Phase 1B, and is also expected to take approximately 10 to 12 weeks to complete.


A legal advertising / consultation of a proposed permanent extension of the existing 30 mph speed limit on Great North Road, to a point a short distance north of Brunton Lane, will be taking place in the near future.

You can view the updated proposals here (1.95 mb). You can view the residents' letter here.

You can view the CR4 Broadway to Brunton engagement report (July 2016) here. (pdf, 2.85mb)

Information regarding petition 

A petition from people objecting to the loss of trees and bus shelters was presented to the council on Wednesday 10 January. You can find out more on our response to this here.

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7 June 2018
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