Great North Road

Great North Road

Great North Road is a key transport corridor into the city centre and a key part of the Northern strategic cycle route, linking key areas to the city centre. We made a package of improvements to key sections along the road, to encourage more people to make local journeys on bike to the local schools, as well commuters to cycle into the city centre.

Broadway to Brunton - newly completed. 

You can view the plan here

The road layout along this route varies and so the proposed infrastructure for people on bikes must also vary. The proposed package of improvements for Broadway to Brunton Lane include:

This included:

  • a dedicated with-flow cycle-track in both directions, separated from the road by new kerbs or grass verge for the majority of the route
  • a number of crossings were upgraded
  • the installation of a new Toucan crossing between Newlands Ave and Norwood Ave
  • improved the existing signalised junction at Brunton Lane
  • improvements to public transport facilities, particularly at existing bus stops
  • a reduction in the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph

Salters Road and Church Road include;

  • Joined two junctions together to create a more traditional crossroads. This removed a set of lights for all road users, reducing delays.
  • Installed advanced stop lines for cyclists.
  • Installed a better footpath in front of the parking for the shops in the south east corner.
  • Upgraded traffic signals which are linked to the rest of the network to improve traffic flows

Broadway to Hollywood

  • We altered the roundabout at Broadway to provide toucan crossings to the north and south and zebra crossings to the east and west. We also installed a number of cycle lanes.

Moor Road North to the Grove

  • We installed a road table across the junction to slow traffic. A road table is like a long speed hump with a flat section in the middle. It will fill the whole area where the roads cross
  • We gave priority to traffic on Moor Road North so that traffic on the Grove has to give way – this slows down speeding traffic and improves road safety around the junction

Did you know?

Some useful documents about the Broadway to Brunton Lane

Tree report (pdf 733KB)

Additional tree report (pdf 1.13MB)

Information about the engagement process


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