Who we are and what we do

A priority for Newcastle City Council is to create decent neighbourhoods by working with local communities to look after each other and the environment. The Communities Team is at the heart of a new enabling and participatory approach which unlocks the potential of citizens to take greater control of the places they live.

We work with people of all ages, who live, work or learn in Newcastle to devolve local decision making and deliver the Council’s priorities.

The team provides professional advice, guidance, training and confidence building, and assists Councillors to support practical devolution and greater accountability.

The service supports the asset transfer process for community buildings and delivers annual ward priority setting events across the city. The service manages 26 ward budgets, the Councils ‘Investing in Children’ contract and jointly manage the Newcastle Fund. In addition, the team leads on the Council’s community engagement and involvement, supports Newcastle Youth Council and encourages volunteering. The Communities Team also supports environmental behaviour change activity and manages the contract for the Newcastle Independant Tenants Voice (NITV).

To speak to an officer in the Communities Team, view our contact list.

Here is the list of Frequently Asked Questions:

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17 May 2018
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