Volunteering for Newcastle City Council

 We offer a number of volunteering opportunities within the council which enhance the wide range of services we provide to communities.

Where can I volunteer?

Different departments within the council have volunteers. The type of roles vary too, from sports leaders to childcare opportunities or providing special needs support.  There are also a range of opportunities to get involved in community clean ups in your local area.

What can I expect as a Newcastle City Council volunteer?

As a council we aim to provide the best volunteering opportunities and high quality support for those who volunteer with us. You will have a supervisor, who will provide you with a clear role, explaining what is expected of you and when you are needed to volunteer. You should be offered an induction to your role and any relevant training required should be provided.

The amount of time you can spend in a volunteering role is also flexible depending on the time you have available.  The skills you need to volunteer can be the ones you already have, or you could learn and develop new skills in your role.

Is it different if I am under 16?

Some roles will not be suitable for children and young people (if you are under the age of 18), you can check this when you contact us.

Who do I contact about volunteering with Newcastle City Council?

To find out about volunteering opportunities visit the Volunteer Centre Newcastle website or the Do It website. You can also contact the department you are interested in volunteering with directly, by phoning 0191 278 7878 and asking for the department you need.


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