There are dozens of Community Centres spread across Newcastle. If you live within the City boundaries there will almost certainly be a community centre within walking distance. 

These centres are generally voluntarily managed by local people who form a Community Association and provide low cost activities ranging from children's activities to Yoga for local people. 

If you're new to the area, joining a Centre is a good way to make friends and they will certainly be happy to see you as all the community centres are keen to enrol new members. If you have time on your hands, you may wish to become a volunteer and help manage the building. You can do as little or as much as you want.  

Below is a brief profile of some of the larger community buildings in Newcastle:

The Blakelaw Centre

Binswood Avenue
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Centre contact: Glenn Pendleton

Phone: 0191 277 4188

Accessibility information about Blakelaw Neighbourhood Centre from DisabledGo

Blakelaw Neighbourhood Centre was officially opened in late 2004. Newcastle City Council operates a branch library service from the same site.  The centre replaced the 'Red Hut' which similar to Lemington Centre consisted of several linked temporary buildings.  Attached to the Library, the Building has become a focal point for the delivery of Community activities and is proving to be a very popular Centre.

Denton Burn Community Association

Slatyford Lane
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Phone: 0191 274 1232

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Fawdon Community Centre

Fawdon Park Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Phone: 0191 285 2724

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Fawdon Community Centre is based in the North West of Newcastle and is easily accessible by bus or Metro within a 2 minute radius. The Community Centre is a modern well-equipped building, and is designed to allow free access to people with disabilities  It is the only Neighbourhood Centre with external sporting facilities. In all the Centre is a very clean, warm and welcoming environment for all users.

Heaton Community Centre

Trewhitt Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Centre contact: Chris Gosling

Phone: 0191 276 6712

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This facility and organisation is long established in the East of the City.  The Heaton Complex (of which the Community Centre is a large part) also provides a home for the City's Play and Youth Service Area Team, the Adult Basic Education and English for Speakers of other Languages Services.  A block on the site has recently been refurbished and  provides office and meeting space for up to 5 Community/Voluntary groups. The Centre runs a full programme of Community activities to meet the needs of all age ranges.

The Lemington Centre

Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 8DE

Centre contact: Liz Beck

Phone: 0191 2641959

Accessibility information about the Lemington Centre from DisabledGo

The Lemington Centre is a Healthy Living Centre which opened in 2005. The former Community Centre although only based a hundred metres away was a series of linked temporary buildings which were out of date. The experienced and committed Management Committee are delighted with the new build and it has quickly became a focal point for community services in the area.

Visit the Lemington Centre website.

The Cowgate Neighbourhood Centre (formerly Montagu School)

Houghton Avenue
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Phone: 0191 277 1775

Since October 2014 The Cowgate Centre has been run by Daybreak (  Daybreak is a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities across the North East of England. For more information visit our webpage. Daybreak have now informed the Council that they will not be taking a long term lease on the building and the Centre is therefore available for asset transfer.

The Council are inviting expressions of interest (EoI) from groups who are interested in taking an asset transfer of the Cowgate Neighbourhood Center. Any groups interested in an asset transfer should submit their written EoI, on the attached form, by Friday 9 December 2016.

Click here to download the Expression of Interest Form

The Council is interested in discussing a transfer of the Centre to a suitable group. The length of the lease is to be agreed but we would normally expect a minimum period of 25 years,. The area we are interested in transferring is shown by the bold line on the attached plan. The successful party would be responsible for managing the whole site.

Click here to view the plan

There are other users in the building, in particular Sure Start and a Council nursery, and we would expect this to continue. The intention is the transfer would include subleases on the parts of the site which are shown crosshatched on the plan. These sub leases would be to the Council. The Council would be responsible for repairs and maintenance of the parts of the building they sub-let and would also pay a reasonable share of any shared services. The sub-leases would contain a break clause allowing the Council to terminate these sub-lets at any time.

In addition to the Council Nursery and Sure Start a part of the building is currently occupied by the YMCA. We would expect the successful party to make their own arrangements with the YMCA.

The building is currently part occupied by Daybreak but they are expected to vacate the building in the near future and the successful party would then take over the areas that Daybreak are now using.

In addition to the site plan above there is a further plan attached which shows the layout of the building and which parts are occupied by the different users. Click here to view the plan.

 Any expressions of interest must be submitted by 9 December  2016. If you require more information or would like to discuss the possibility of an asset transfer further please contact Adam Taeger – 0191 277 7523 or 

Thomas Gaughan Community Centre

Yelverton Close
Pottery Bank
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Centre contact: Betty Hutchinson

Phone: 0191 224 2349

Accessibility information about Thomas Gaughan Community Centre from DisabledGo

Thomas Gaughan is regarded as the forerunner of the Neighbourhood Centre and is a building which was converted from use as a Social Services Day Care Centre. Easily accessible by a number of bus links, the Centre offers a wide variety of activities such as Community Catering, Girls and Boys groups, and an Outreach library. Further detailed information can be found on the Thomas Gaughan website

West Denton Community Centre

Hillhead Road
West Denton
Newcastle upon Tyne

Centre contact: Julie Moorhouse
Phone: 0191 267 4242

West Denton Community Centre is a long established facility which opened in 2004. The centre comprises a range of meeting and conference facilities and a variety of rooms and halls for hire as well as an 8 rink, international standard, indoor Bowling Green. A variety of leisure activities run at the centre including an art club, dance classes, slimming and fitness sessions, music groups and more. The Centre is close to local bus routes and just off the A69 / A1, and has up to 125 vehicle parking spaces.

For more information visit

West End Women and Girls

Stephenson Building
Elswick Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Phone: 0191 273 4942

If you want to hire space in a community centre for activities or events you should contact the centre you are interested in directly. The community centres handle their own bookings and will be able to discuss availability and cost with you.

We are aware some of the management committees of community centres are looking for anchor tenants and / or long term hirers. If your organisation is interested in discussing potential options please could you contact Adam Taeger, email, Tel: 0191 277 7523.

Adam will need some brief details about:

  • What your organisation does;
  • What activities/services you would like to deliver
  • Which part of the city you are interested in, and
  • What kind of space and how much space your organisation would require.
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24 October 2017
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