If you would like to purchase a grave please contact the Bereavement Services Office. Below is a summary of the different grave types at cemeteries in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We have introduced a wide range of graves to give people as many options as possible when arranging the burial of a loved one. For many the lawn grave is considered to be the best option but for others a more traditional, elaborate and larger type of memorial is required. You may make an appointment to discuss the choice and location of the grave.

View cemetery and crematorium fees (pdf, 55kb).

Ordinary (traditional) sections

Ordinary sections are available in all of our cemeteries. These sections are particularly suitable if you wish to tend the grave space yourself on a regular basis. It will be your responsibility to maintain a grave on an ordinary section. Graves may be grass seeded on the ordinary section, by request.

Kerbstones are permitted on an ordinary section after the appropriate paperwork has been completed and a fee paid. Having a kerb set erected does involve entering into a ten year agreement with the authority, which involves regular inspections of the kerb set.

Lawn sections

Each grave in the lawn section is sown with grass seed except for a 12-inch strip at the head end of the grave. Grassed areas in cemeteries will be cut on a regular basis, during the grass cutting season.

There are lawn sections available in the West Road, Heaton, Hollywood and Lemington Cemeteries. You may only plant out the 12-inch strip on a lawn section grave. It is not permitted to plant or place anything on the actual grave space. 

Full kerb sets, edging or any type of grave surrounds, are not allowed on a lawn section grave. If edging or fencing is placed on a lawn section grave, the City Council reserves the right to request its removal.

It is possible to have an official border kerb, which goes around the edge of the 12-inch strip in front of the headstone. These are available from memorial masons on the City's Register of Memorial Masons.

Baby burial sections

There are baby burial sections in the West Road and Lemington Cemeteries. They are small areas set aside specifically for the burial of children up to two years old. Burials of adults are not allowed in these areas, nor is the burial of their cremated remains.

Cremated remains plots

Following a cremation, if families do not wish to have the ashes scattered on the Garden of Remembrance, they can be buried in a family grave or in a smaller cremation plot.

These small plots are specifically designed for the burial of cremated remains, and are available at the West Road, Lemington, and Hollywood cemeteries. Plots are approximately half the size of a normal grave space and are maintained similarly to those in lawn sections. It may be possible to select a grave for cremated remains in other parts of the cemeteries - please ask the Bereavement Services Office for guidance.

Consecrated and unconsecrated sections

In common with most cemeteries nationally some parts of our cemeteries are consecrated with other parts left unconsecrated.

When most cemeteries were designed and opened, certain parts were formally blessed by dignitaries of the Church of England, thereby consecrating the ground prior to burial. However, it was also recognised that people from other religious denominations such as would also wish to be buried in the cemeteries, therefore some areas were left unconsecrated by the Church of England.

When a burial takes place in an unconsecrated part of the cemetery, the minister representing the religious belief of the deceased will conduct a service at the graveside, thereby blessing that individual grave at the time of burial.

If you have a particular preference as to the type of land to be selected for your grave you must inform your funeral director when arranging the burial.

Grave dressings

Twice a year, on payment of the required fee, a grave space may be dressed with flowering plants either over the full grave on an ordinary section, or in the 12 inch floral strip as on a lawn section grave. The dressings are carried out in October to flower during the winter/spring months, or in June to flower during the summer months. There are water supplies in all cemeteries and once the plants have been watered in it is the responsibility of the grave owner to tend to the plants.

The Snowdrop Remembrance Garden

The Snowdrop Remembrance Garden is located at the far right hand side of the West Road Cemetery, adjacent to the babies' burial garden.

This is a special remembrance garden for children who have died, stillborn babies, and for lost pregnancies, whatever the cause. It is a place of tranquillity where parents and relatives, regardless of their religious beliefs, can go at any time to remember their children.

Frequently asked questions

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24 January 2018
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