Minimum energy efficiency standards

Minimum energy efficiency standards

Domestic minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) set out the lowest energy efficiency level for private rented homes.

They were introduced to improve the quality of buildings in England and Wales and to increase the energy efficiency of the worst performing homes.

They mean that is unlawful to let homes to new tenants, or renew an existing tenancy, when the energy performance certificate (EPC) is below an E rating.

Landlords who fail to comply with the legislation can face a hefty financial penalty. 

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Information for landlords

Landlord support

From finding a new tenant, to managing a tenancy dispute our Private Rented Service offers free advice and support for landlords and managing agents.

Quick guide for landlords

We have designed a downloadable quick MEES guide for landlords that outlines the law, exemptions and where to get advice.


Landlords can access our free online e-learning session which covers everything you need to know about EPCs and MEES.

This includes details of  where to get advice and support and tips on property improvements that will help your properties reach compliance. 

The e-learning MEES module is available via our Youtube channel.

MEES enforcement amnesty

We understand that many landlords are unaware of their obligation under MEES, or do not know how to go about ensuring that their properties comply. 

We recently held a three month enforcement amnesty. During this time we contacted hundreds of landlords that we believed to have a failing property and undertook a city wide advertising campaign inviting landlords to come forward and ask for advice to understand and comply with MEES. 

Even though the amnesty has now ended we still want to work with landlords and offer support.

We have a number of services and tools available. For more information: 

Landlord bulletin

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Apply for an exemption

Some properties may be allowed exemptions from MEES if it is not possible to improve them to an EPC rating above E for one of a set number of reasons. 

If this applies to your property please register for an exemption.

Information for tenants 

Tenant support

From finding a new home, to help with a deposit, or managing a landlord dispute our Private Rented Service offers advice and support to people renting from a private landlord in the city. 

What is MEES?

Minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) aim to make private rented homes warmer and cheaper to heat.

Landlords have to provide a EPC for any home they rent and if the rating is too low, they might need to improve the property to make it more energy efficient.

What is a EPC?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) is needed whenever a property is built, sold or rented.

When you view a property a landlord should provide you a copy of the EPC.

An EPC will tell you:

  • about a property’s energy use and typical energy costs
  • how to reduce energy use and save money

An EPC gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to a G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years.  It will let you make a decision about how much the property is likely to cost to heat and help you decide where to live.

Check an EPC

You can view the EPC of the property you rent or are considering renting on the online EPC register.  You will need the post code and address of the property. 

Report a property

If you rent a property that does not have a EPC or has a failing EPC (and the landlord has not provide an exemption) you can report this. 

To make a report:

Tenants bulletin

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Non domestic properties

Landlords and agents of commercial property must make sure that a minimum EPC rating of E is in place for new tenancies.

From 1 April 2023 an EPC rating of E is now mandatory for all existing leases.

It is unlawful for a landlord to continue to let a commercial property with an EPC rating of less than E.

More details about Energy Performance Certificates for your business premises can be found on the Government website.

Energy Performance Financial Enforcement Policy

To read our policy please see:

Trading standards

To contact the Trading Standards service:

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