Statement of Accounts

The Financial Statements and accompanying documents for 2016/17 financial year are set out below:

Narrative Report

This provides a brief guide to the Statement of Accounts and an analysis of the development and performance of the council both within the financial year and its position at the year-end.

Statement of Accounts

The 'Statement of Accounts' contains the core financial statements and explanatory notes to the accounts which when combined provide the statutory accounts.

Annual Governance Statement

Statutory document outlining the Council's governance and internal control arrangements, highlighting any areas for improvement.

Past Annual Reports

2015-16 (pdf, 3.75mb) 2014-2015 (pdf, 1.01mb) | 2013-2014 (pdf, 924kb) | 2012-2013 (pdf, 1.0mb) | 2011-2012 (pdf, 2.3mb) | 2010-2011 (pdf, 1.1mb) | 2009-2010 (pdf, 1.5mb) | 2008-2009 (pdf, 1.8mb) | 2007-2008 (pdf, 2.4mb) | 2006-2007 (pdf, 14mb) | 2005-2006 (pdf, 6.3mb) | 2004-2005 (pdf, 436kb)

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10 November 2017
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