I’ve received an invite to claim Universal Credit – what should I do?

I’ve received an invite to claim Universal Credit – what should I do?

The Government is writing to some people inviting them to claim Universal Credit. 

These 'migration notices' are part of a process called ‘managed migration’.

Who is getting these invites?

The government is writing to those on one or more of these ‘legacy’ benefits:

Income Support, income-based Jobseekers Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits.

What should I do when I get the invite?
  1. you should claim Universal Credit, and
  2. you should claim it at the right time

The letter gives you a deadline day – about three months away.

After that deadline day, your ‘legacy’ benefit(s) will stop! So you have no choice, you need to claim Universal Credit to protect your income and also access to things like free prescriptions and other help.

If your UC is lower than your ‘legacy’ benefits(s) you will get a top up, called a ‘transitional protection’ – but only if you claim UC before the deadline day.
Other protections apply if you claim before the deadline day.

You can ask for the deadline day to be extended for certain reasons – get advice.

What if I need help to claim Universal Credit?

We have provided a list of services in Newcastle that hep you. Please see Universal Credit support in Newcastle .

What else should I claim?

Universal Credit does not replace Council Tax Support so:

Claim Council Tax Support from Newcastle City Council

All your other benefits should continue.

Watch this short video

We have produced this short animation on YouTube 

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Our other page The move to Universal Credit.

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