Evidence checklist for in-year school application

Evidence checklist for in-year school application

As part of the school admission process, you may need to provide supporting evidence if your child does not currently attend a Newcastle government-funded school. 

Please do not send original documentation; copies of documents are accepted.

Serving members of the UK armed forces or crown servants

If you are currently a serving member of the regular UK Armed Forces with a posting to the area or a Crown Servant returning from overseas, please provide the following:

  • An official Ministry of Defence, Foreign Commonwealth Office or Government Communication Head Quarters letter confirming your relocation date and quartering address

Looked after children (LAC) and previously looked after children

Please provide documents that we can accept as proof of looked after or previously looked after status:

  • Adoption certificates / orders that reference section 12 of the Adoption Act;
  • Adoption certificates / orders that reference Section 46 of the Children’s Act;
  • Any Child Arrangement Order;
  • Any Special Guardianship Order that mentions Section 14A;
  • Any residence order issued prior to 22/04/2014;
  • Written confirmation from an involved council employee (ideally the assigned Social Worker);
  • Document saying they are currently in public care;
  • Document saying they are formerly in public care when the applicant notes this on their application

We will also require a letter or email from the social worker involved with the child to say that they are in agreement with the application.

Medical evidence

If you are applying under the medical category, you will need to provide independent evidence from a health professional such as a consultant. This should state the school you are applying for is the only school your child can attend and the reason why.

Proof of parental responsibility

Where there is any doubt about parental responsibility we will ask you to provide proof of parental responsibility. In such cases, whatever you choose to provide will be entirely up to you. However,
it must indicate that you have parental responsibility.

Examples of documents that prove parental responsibility include:

  • The child’s birth certificate
  • Parental responsibility agreement entered into by birth parents
  • Copy of a court order giving father parental responsibility
  • Child Arrangement Order in respect of the child Adoption Order
  • Upon taking office as a formally appointed guardian of the child

This should be accompanied with proof that you are the person named e.g. passport.