Governor Services

Governor Services

Governor Services offer a traded service  in relation to the governance of all types of schools and academies.  This offer includes:

  • the provision of clerking support
  • training and development
  • advice and guidance
  • access to the online Governor Services module

These are all aimed at helping governing bodies to effectively carry out their duties around the strategic management of schools to impact positively on school improvement.

To speak to a member of Governor Services about school governance, please phone 0191 277 3711 or email

Becoming a School Governor

School governors come from all walks of life.  They might be parents, staff, members of the local community or business, or might simply have an interest in education. They provide strategic management, challenge and accountability.  Governors work in partnership with school staff with the aim of providing the highest possible standards of education and to help all children reach their potential.  Governance can be a rewarding, enjoyable and stimulating experience and can give you an opportunity to contribute your skills and develop new ones.


Did you know?

There are estimated to be around 370,000 school governors in the UK, making this the largest volunteer force in the country. In Newcastle we have around 1,200.

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