Apply for vehicle access into a new development

Apply for vehicle access into a new development

Prior to forming or modifying a vehicular access connecting to the public highway it is necessary to obtain approval from the Local Highways Authority (Newcastle City Council)

To carry out such work without first applying for and being granted approval/consent by the Local Highways Authority is an offence under The Highways Act 1980 and may result in a prosecution.

Any change to the external layout of a development may involve alteration of the highway including existing accesses. Potential damage to the highway caused by development construction activities - including that to carriageways, crossovers, footways, verges or street furniture - must also be considered.

Under Section 184 of The Highways Act 1980, a person may make a request to the council as the Local Highways Authority for constructing a vehicle access over a footway, or verge in the highway.

To apply for a Section 184 for vehicle access into a new development, please complete the attached application form and send this to for the attention of the relevant Highway Control Assistant together with the appropriate fees and drawings.


  • Completed application form
  • Plan showing clearly the limits of your works
  • Details and copies of documentation clearly identifying that your operatives hold the relevant qualifications to work on the highway
  • Insurance must have current fully comprehensive public liability of £10,000,000 and employer insurance £10,000,000 for each and every licence applied for
  • Confirmation that you will be indemnifying the Council against any claims by third parties arising from the works.
  • Responses from utility companies showing clearly the limits of any apparatus that may impact on your work along with a completed declaration form
  • Details of the waste transfer notice


  • Payment for your licence is required as part of your application
  • The cost of a Section 184 licence is £379.60

Further considerations

Planning Permission will also be required if the motor crossing is to be installed on a classified road. Please see the attached PDF document for a list of all classified roads. If the vehicle crossing is to be installed on a classified road outlined in the PDF, please follow the link to the planning portal.


Need more information?

If your works are more extensive and require further works to the highway other than a straight forward crossing point, then a Section 278 Agreement may also be required. Further information can be found here.

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