Household Support Fund

Household Support Fund

Household Support Fund 2023/24

We have received funding from the UK Government's Household Support Fund.

This funding will be used to support our residents in the following ways over the course of the next year:


Free School Meal Vouchers for School Holidays

We will provide children entitled to free school meals with food vouchers for

  • Easter School Holidays 
  • Summer Half Term
  • Summer School Holidays
  • October Half Term
  • Christmas School Holidays
  • February Half Term 2024


Cost of Living Scheme "Top Up"

The Council  will use the fund to support residents receiving Housing Benefit who are not entitled to the full £900 cost of living payment from the Government, paid over 3 instalments.

If you are eligible, the Revenues and Benefits department will contact you in the Autumn to explain the amount of the entitlement and how it will be paid.

Depending on the individual's circumstances, the payments will be between £400 and £700 ​and paid over instalments during the year.


Hardship payments for residents in significant financial difficulty.

We have limited funding to help residents with who are suffering from significant financial difficulty.

To be eligible for a one off £200 payment from the Household Support Fund (HSF) you must:

  • be a resident in Newcastle upon Tyne, and
  • be the main householder (i.e.  responsible for the household bills), and
  • have a deficit in their budget (i.e.  have more money going out than coming in), and
  • seek advice from one of our Advice Compact partners to address the issues causing the deficit in budget.

If you meet the above criteria, a member of our Advice Compact can submit a referral to the fund for you. Residents cannot self refer.

This funding is limited.

For more information and a full list of agencies you can seek budgeting advice from and receive a referral to the fund (if eligible) can be found on our Household Support Fund Hardship page. 


Support of localised Cost of Living and discretionary schemes.

Funding will also be used to support local cost of living and discretionary schemes being delivered by Newcastle City Council.


Other support available

If you need extra support to help with the Cost of Living you can contact our Welfare and Wellbeing Team


There is a range of information about the support available for people and families during the Cost of Living


If you have experienced a crisis or disaster you may be able to apply for support through our Crisis Support Scheme.


Holiday Activities and Food Programme for families in Newcastle to help children, young people and their parents during the school holidays.


Further information on the support available to help you with the cost of living, can be found on the UK Government's cost of living hub Cost of living support.


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