Covid Control Plan

Newcastle's updated Covid Control Plan sets out how as a city we will identify and control outbreaks, reduce illness, inform future strategy, and address public concern. 

Newcastle City Centre

Since early 2020, we have been fighting a global health crisis which has impacted upon everyone. Businesses have closed, unemployment has risen and, worst of all, thousands of lives have been lost. This has had a profound effect on our communities. Thankfully, the remarkable progress made with vaccines means that we are able to provide an increasing degree of protection and a route back to normality.

While health colleagues and an army of volunteers are making great strides in vaccinating those most susceptible to serious illness, it will still take many months for everyone to be offered both doses of a vaccine to afford them the greatest possible protection from the virus. That is why it remains essential that we all continue to follow the rules in full and protect ourselves and others from becoming unwell, prevent NHS services from coming under the severe pressures they have faced during the pandemic so far, and save as many lives as possible.

Our communities have gone to great lengths to play their part in protecting our city, enduring three harsh periods of lockdown while continuing to look out for one another. We are grateful for everyone’s efforts. But it is important that we persevere, carry on following the Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air guidance and maintaining the hygiene standards that have become part of our everyday lives. We must all continue to do our bit while the NHS’s biggest ever vaccination programme continues.

These pages set out Newcastle’s updated COVID Control Plan, describing how we will work with the city as a whole to prevent and tackle viral spread and outbreaks, taking into account the experience of the pandemic in the intervening period and looking forward to our route back to normality.

View Newcastle's Covid Control Plan in full. 

Please note our updated plan has been subject to an assurance process by the COVID-19 Regional Partnership Team and will be presented to City Futures Board on 21 April for their endorsement.

If you need to report a confirmed case of Covid-19 in Newcastle, visit our Single Point of Contact (SPOC) service.