Newcastle Commemorative Plaque Scheme

Newcastle Commemorative Plaque Scheme

There are over 100 commemorative plaques are located around Newcastle to highlight its historic buildings and structures, and to show the city's connections with eminent figures from the past.

We raise around 3 or 4 commemorative plaques annually. Sometimes these occasions coincide with anniversaries or other relevant dates. Nearly all nominations for plaques have come from an interested member of the public and we actively encourage you to make your own suggestions. Before submitting your suggestion please familiarise yourself with the criteria that must be passed for a plaque to reach final consideration.

  • Use our Interactive Map to look around the city and see where all the commemorative plaques are.  You can see the full list of plaques below.  You can search this using your browser's Find option on this page.  You can use the postcode to search on the map and locate the exact place.  Click on the blue circle to show details, and each has a link to a webpage with more information.


Name Address Postcode
28 Clayton Street West (Richard Grainger) 28 Clayton Street West NE1 5DZ
36 Clayton Street West (Richard Grainger) 36 Clayton Street West NE1 5DZ
Admiral Lord Collingwood Milburn House, Dean Street NE1 1PR
Alan Hull City Hall, Northumberland Road NE1 8SF
Alderman James Clyesdale West End Library, Condercum Road NE4 9JH
All Saints Church 7 Akenside Hill NE1 3UF
Anne Fisher Church of St John the Baptist, Grainger Street NE1 5JG
Basil Bunting Morden Tower, Stowell Street NE1 4XQ
Balmbra's 6-8 Cloth Market NE1 1EE
Black Callerton (George Stephenson) West Farm, Black Callerton NE5 1NS
Black Gate St. Nicholas Street NE1 1RQ
Cale Cross Akenside Hill, Quayside NE1 3UF
Captain John Aidan Liddell, V.C. Discovery Museum plaza NE1 4HZ
Cardinal Basil Hume 4 Ellison Place NE1 8ST
Cattle Market Office (John Dobson) Times Square NE1 4EP
Central Station (John Dobson) Central Station NE1 5DL
Charles Avison (Assembly House) 59 Westgate Road NE1 1SG
Charles Avison (Charles Avison (St. Andrew's Churchyard) St Andrew's Church NE1 5SF
Charles Avison (Rosemary Lane) Rosemary Lane NE1 5JG
Charles Dickens Music Hall, Nelson Street NE1 7AP
Charles Merz and William McLellan 54 High St, Gosforth NE3 1LX
Chas Chandler 35 Second Avenue NE6 5XT
Civic Centre / 800th year of Mayoralty Civic Centre, west elevation NE1 7PF
Colin Veitch 1 Stratford Villas NE6 5AX
Dame Allan's Schools College House, College Street NE1 8SG
Danish Seamen's Club St Nicholas Building (Westgate Road side) NE1 3NN
Dr Charles John Gibb 52 Westgate Road NE1 5XU
Dr William Rea 7 Summerhill Grove NE4 6EE
Edward 'Ned' Corvan Entrance to Motorail Terminal, Neville Street NE1 5DL
Eldon Square (John Dobson) Old Eldon Square NE1 7JG
Ethel Williams 3 Osborne Terrace NE2 1NE
Father James Worswick St. Andrew's RC Church, Worswick Street NE1 6UW
Florence Nightingale Harrison Bell 6 Hotspur Street NE6 5BH
Former Sailors Bethel - Horatio Street Former Sailor's Bethel, Horatio Street NE1 2PE
Frederick Douglass 5 Summerhill Grove NE4 6EE
George Redmayne Murray Saville Place NE1 8DQ
Gladstone Adams Former Mission House, 147 City Road, Ouseburn NE1 2AQ
Grainger Market (John Dobson) Clayton Street entrance, Grainger Market NE1 5PN
Grey Street (John Dobson) 18-24 Grey Street NE1 6AE
Hadrian's Wall Crawhall Road, Red Barns NE1 2TP
Hadrian's Wall Milecastle - Westgate Road 69 Westgate Road NE1 1SG
Henry 'Harry' Clasper Base of High Level Bridge pier, Quayside NE1 3RN
High Level Bridge High Level Bridge, Newcastle NE1 3RN
High Level Bridge (George and Robert Stephenson) High Level Bridge (north side) NE1 3RQ
House of Adam of Jesmond Jesmond Vale Lane NE6 5HN
J Alex Burns Black Bull, Barrack Road NE4 6BB
Jack Common (Author) 44 Third Avenue NE6 5YJ
Jesmond Cemetary Gates West Chapel, Jesmond Raod NE2 1BN
Jesmond Parish Church (John Dobson) Jesmond Parish Church, Eslington Road NE2 4DJ
Jesmond Synagogue 39 Eskdale Terrace NE2 4DN
John and Albany Hancock 20 Great North Road (formerly St. Mary's Terrace) NE2 4PS
John Atkinson Pendlington Former West Turnpike Cricket Ground (West Road Sports Centre) NE4 9LG
John Dobson - Carlton Terrace 1 Carlton Terrace NE2 4EU
John Dobson's House (John Dobson) New Bridge Street West NE1 8BR
John Gilroy 25 Kingsley Place, Heaton NE6 5AN
John Wesley 49-51 Northumberland Street NE1 7AF
Jose Maria de Eca de Quiros 53 Grey Street NE1 6EE
Joseph 'Joe' Wilson Chinatown Express, Stowell Street NE1 5SE
Joshua Alder (1792-1867) 5 Ravensworth Terrace NE4 6AU
Keelmen's Hospital Keelmen's Hospital, City Road NE1 2AB
Literary & Philosophical Society (Robert Stephenson) 23 Westgate Road NE1 1SE
Lord Armstrong (High Bridge) 39 High Bridge NE1 1EW
Lord Armstrong (The Banqueting Hall) The Banqueting Hall, Jesmond Dene Road NE2 2EU
Lort Burn Guildhall, Quayside NE1 3AF
Ludwig Wittgenstein 28 Brandling Park, Jesmond NE2 4RR
Lying-in Hospital (John Dobson) Lying-in Hospital, New Bridge Street West NE1 8AL
Merchant's House, 35 The Close 35 The Close NE1 3RN
Mo Mowlam 1 Summerhill Terrace, Summerhill NE4 6EB
Muriel Robb 102 Osborne Road, Jesmond NE2 2TD
Newburn Parish Church - Stephenson Newburn Parish Church, Newburn NE15 8LA
Ove Arup 16 Jesmond Vale Terrace, Heaton NE6 5JT
Peter Murray Taylor 51 Westgate Road NE1 1SG
Private Adam Wakenshaw, V.C. Discovery Museum plaza NE1 4HZ
Private Edward Lawson, V.C. Discovery Museum plaza NE1 4JA
Ralph Hedley 19 Belle Grove Terrace NE2 4LL
Robert Stephenson (House) 5 Greenfield Place NE4 6AX
Ruth Nicholson 32 Kenilworth Road


Sailing Ship's Owners Exchange Buildings, Quayside NE1 3DE
Scotswood Delaval Drift Scotswood Road NE15 6LN
Sid Chaplin 11 Kimberley Gardens, Heaton NE2 1HJ
Sir Joseph Swan 13 Mosley Street NE1 1YE
Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne 62 Grainger Street NE1 5JG
St Anne's Church St Ann's Church, City Road NE1 2DZ
St Mary's Chapel St Mary's Chapel, Reid Park Road NE2 2HA
St Mary's Place (John Dobson) St Mary's Place NE1 7PQ
St Mary's Well St Mary's Well, Jesmond Dene Road NE2 2HA
St Thomas' Chapel Guildhall car park, Quayside NE1 3RG
St Thomas' Church (John Dobson) St Thomas' Church, Barras Bridge NE1 7PF
Stephenson Works - Stephensons 20 South Street NE1 3PE
Suffragette Movement (Kathleen Brown) 71 Grey Street NE1 6EF
The Castle Keep Castle Garth NE1 1RQ
The Craigs Ouse Street NE1 2AG
The Custom House The Customs House, Quayside NE1 3DE
The Guildhall The Guildhall, Sandhill NE1 3AF
The Mill The Mill, Jesmond Dene NE2 2EY
The Town Wall - Andrew's Tower St Andrew's Church, Newgate Street NE1 4SG
The Town Wall - Corner Tower Croft Stairs, City Road NE1 2HG
The Town Wall - Durham Tower Bath Lane NE1 4XB
The Town Wall - Ever Tower Rear Stowell Street NE1 4YB
The Town Wall - Gunner Tower Bewick House, Pink Lane NE1 5DF
The Town Wall - Hanover Street Hanover Street NE1 3NZ
The Town Wall - Morden Tower Rear Stowell Street NE1 4YB
The Town Wall - Postern Gate Rear Stowell Street NE4 5SQ
The Town Wall - Sand Gate Sand Gate, Quayside NE1 3DX
The Town Wall - The Herber Tower Rear Stowell Street NE1 4YB
The Town Wall - The Plummer Tower Croft Street NE1 6NG
The Town Wall - The Sallyport Tower Tower Street NE1 2HY
The Tyne Bridges Swing Bridge, Quayside NE1 3RQ
Thomas Bewick Bewick House, Bewick Street NE1 5DF
Thomas Bewick's Workshop Amen Corner NE1 1PF
Thomas Bowman Stephenson (1839-1912) Brunswick Methodist Chapel NE1 7BJ
Thomas Burt 20 Burdon Terrace NE2 3AE
Thomas Spence Broad Garth, Quayside NE1 3DE
Trinity House Broad Chare NE1 3DQ
Tyne and Wear County Council Sandyford NE2 1DB
Tyne Bridge 75th Anniversary Tyne Bridge NE1 3AF
Water Row, Newburn (George Stephenson) Water Row, Newburn NE15 8NL
William Bell Scott 14 St. Thomas Crescent NE1 4LG
William Cochrane Oakfield House (Westfield School, north gate)  NE3 4HS
William (‘Billy’) Purvis (1784-1853) East elevation of 31-35 Close, facing Javel Groupe NE1 3RN
William Hedley Newburn Parish Church, Newburn NE15 8LA
William Newton 1 Charlotte Square NE1 4XF
William Parker Cumberland Arms NE6 1LD
William Straker Burt Hall, Northumbria University, Northumbria Road NE1 8DE
Yevgeni Zamyatin 19 Saunderson Road, Jesmond NE2 2DR


To be considered for the Newcastle upon Tyne commemorative plaque scheme -

A person must:

  • Be deceased.
  • Have made a significant contribution to the legacy of Newcastle or Britain
  • have a strong link with Newcastle e.g. born, lived or worked or made their discovery or accomplishment in Newcastle.
  • Have an existing, original (not site-of) site with strong links to them where a plaque be could installed.

A building or structure must:

  • Be prominent in the history and development of Newcastle and should demonstrate:
  • Evidential value
  • Historical value
  • Aesthetic value
  • Communal value


Did you know?

The Decision Process

We receive around 8 - 15 proposals every year. Those proposals that make it through the initial assessment process are then weighted on significance and relevance to any upcoming events e.g. centenary of person to be commemorated. A final list of 3-4 are proposed for the forthcoming financial year to Historic Environment Advisory Panel (HEAP) every Jan/Feb for their endorsement with others of merit, noted as possibilities for future years. If we consider those not proposed to HEAP to still have significant merit we will include them on the list for consideration in the next calendar year.

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