Registered Parks and Gardens

Registered Parks and Gardens

Historic parks and gardens are a fragile and finite resource.

Historic England maintains a 'Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England'. Registered parks and gardens are not subject to additional planning controls, but registration is a material consideration in the planning process and the impact of development proposals on the special character of the landscape will be taken into account by the council.

The main purpose of this Register is to celebrate designed landscapes of note, and encourage appropriate protection. It is hoped that, by drawing attention to sites in this way, Historic England will increase awareness of their value and encourage those who own them, or who otherwise have a role in their protection and their future, to treat these special places with due care.

Historic Parks and Gardens in Newcastle

our interactive map of the Historic Environment and Conservation in Newcastle.  (the historic parks and gardens are coloured green)

  • You can zoom in and out to get a closer look of the area you're interested in.  Click-and-drag or use the arrow keys to move the move around.   Click on the area for more details and a link to further information. 
  • There is an option in the bottom left corner of the map to switch the aerial photography on and off,
  • There is an option in the bottom right to choose which layers to switch on and off,
  • the magnifying glass icon in top right is an address search.
  • Click on the areas for more information.  


Did you know?

Using our interactive map of the Historic Environment and Conservation in Newcastle  you can explore the city, and on each site there is a link to Historic England's webpage on that feature with lots of further information about it.

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