Scheduled Monuments

Scheduled Monuments

Monuments, structures or below ground archaeological sites that are identified as being of national significance are placed on a list or Schedule. They are known as Scheduled Monuments and can range from earthworks and ruins to buried remains and buildings.  

Scheduled Monument Consent

If a monument is Scheduled , it means that permission - 'Scheduled Monument Consent (SMC)' - is needed for any works to a monument including demolition, removing, repairing, tipping near to or altering in any way.

If any monument could in any way be affected by proposed development, you should get advice from Historic England as soon as possible. It is a criminal offence to damage a Scheduled Monument.

The main legislation concerning archaeology in the UK is the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is responsible for implementing the 1979 Act in England, and is advised by Historic England who handle the applications for consent. 

Scheduled Monuments in Newcastle

Scheduled Monuments in Newcastle include Hadrian's Wall, Town Wall and Castle Keep.

Use our interactive map of the Historic Environment and Conservation in Newcastle for more information. (The Scheduled Monuments are coloured yellow with a blue border)

  • You can zoom in and out to get a closer look of the area you're interested in.  Click-and-drag or use the arrow keys to move the move around.   Click a site on the map to display a pop-up box with more information on it and a link to Historic England's webpage.  There is an option in the top right corner of the map to switch the aerial photography on and off, and to choose which layers to switch on and off.


Did you know?

The main legislation concerning archaeology in the UK is the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.

Criteria for inclusion on a list of national importance is based on characteristics including period, rarity, documentation, group value, fragility and survival.


Using our Interactive Map you can explore the city and for each site you can go to Historic England's webpage on that feature with lots of further information about it.

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Historic England's information on Scheduled Monuments

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