Historic Environment

Archaeology    Listed Buildings
Providing archaeological advice on planning applications and to members of the public. Listed Buildings are protected and have special 'national' architectural or historic interest.
Historic Environment Record (HER)           Conservation Areas
The database of known archaeological and historical sites throughout Tyne and Wear. Conservation Areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest.
Scheduled Monuments       Local List
Monuments, structures or archaeological sites that are of national significance, including Hadrian's Wall, Town Wall and Castle Keep. A list of buildings, structures, parks and gardens that have special local architectural or historic interest.
Hadrian's Wall Transnational World Heritage Site     Monuments and War Memorials       
The most substantial and complete Imperial Frontier anywhere within the Roman Empire, The Wall runs through Newcastle. The war memorials, monuments, drinking fountains and historic buildings are the city, and their protection.
Registered Historic Battlefields          Heritage at Risk
There is one Registered Historic Battlefield in Newcastle, which marks the site of the 1640 Battle of Newburn Ford. A register which shows Historic buildings and features that are considered to be 'at risk'.
Registered Parks and Gardens          Exploring Local Heritage   
The Register is to celebrate designed landscapes of note, and encourage appropriate protection.
Public schemes like the Commemorative Plaque Scheme and Heritage Open Days, events, and projects.


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