Blue Badge key facts and figures

Blue Badge key facts and figures


The Blue Badge scheme has been in place since 1970.  It enables 2.56 million disabled people to retain their independence.

The Government is responsible for the legislation that sets out eligibility, the terms of the concession itself, the design of the badge and the enforcement framework.

Most badges are valid for three years and the badge is for the holder's use and benefit only.  The fee which local authorities can charge for a badge has been £2 since 1983 and increased to £10 from 01 January 2012

Figures for Newcastle upon Tyne

Blue Badge Statistics 2022 to 2023

Blue Badge Statistics 2021 to 2022

Blue Badge Statistics 2020 to 2021

Blue Badge Statistics 2019 to 2020

Blue Badge Statistics 2018 to 2019

Blue Badge Statistics 2017 to 2018



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