The Newcastle Collection

The reference library was officially opened in 1884, and from that time the library service has built up extensive collections of rare books and heritage material.  Some of the items date back to the fifteenth Century.

These Special Collections are now housed on Level 6 of the City Library, in secure and environmentally controlled conditions.  We have an exhibition area on level 6, which allows visitors to see a selection of the rare books and heritage material that the City holds.

For details of the collections please visit the Newcastle Collection website. Or see our guide to the Newcastle Collection.

It's possible to view items in our Special Collections, special permission is required, if permission is granted we require at least 5 full working weekday's notice to produce this material for consultation. Requests should be made to the Heritage Specialist.  When viewing items from the Special Collections you will need to produce proof of identity, which includes your name, address and signature.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • In person - please make your request through a staff member on level 6
  • By email - please apply to:
  • By telephone - 0191 277 4100

Permission is not automatically guaranteed.  If there are facsimile, digital or later editions of a particular item this will be offered as an alternative.  In certain circumstances the material may be considered too fragile for handling.

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Is this page useful?