Taxi Passenger Information

Taxi Passenger Information

Newcastle City Council are responsible for licensing hackney carriage (black cabs) and private hire vehicles and their drivers in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Things to know to ensure you get home safe:

  • Only ever get into a licensed vehicle and know the difference between a Hackney Carriage (black cabs) and a private hire vehicle (pre booked journeys only)
  • Check that you are paying the right fare
  • Pre-book your taxi/ private hire vehicle where possible
  • Make sure you know where the taxi ranks are in the city centre

All Newcastle hackney carriage and private hire drivers are issued with a drivers badge, the drivers badge shows their licence details and a photograph. The drivers badge should always be visible.

Lost Property

If you have lost something in a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle you need to contact Northumbria Police Lost property. Their contact number is: 0191 214 6555.

Complaints Procedure

If you wish to make a service complaint please email:

Please ensure you include the taxi plate number or vehicle registration, the drivers name if known and what the incident was, the date the incident occurred and the time if known. Once this information has been provided the service complaint will be logged and investigated by the enforcement team.



Did you know?

Hackney carriages are also known as "black cabs".

Only hackney carriages are licences to pick you up from a roadside taxi rank.

If you are using a private hire vehicle the journey must be pre-booked.

The lost property number is: 0191 214 6555

Complaints about a service you have received from a Newcastle licenced driver should be emailed to:


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