Hackney Carriage Replacement Vehicle

Newcastle City Council Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles can be replaced at any time during the licence period.

The replacement vehicle must be an approved make and model and if the vehicle is going to be a hackney carriage then must be registered after the existing licensed vehicle. The appropriate fee will be calculated at the time of application.

The appropriate Hackney Carriage Replacement application form or Private Hire Vehicle application form must be completed and submitted together with proof of vehicle ownership, tax and appropriate insurance certificate.


Hackney Carriage Replacement application form


Vehicle Enquires

If you have any enquiries before purchasing a vehicle or submitting your application relating to vehicle specification, colour, age or seating arrangements, please contact the test centre directly on 0191 278 3864 or via e-mail licensingnewingtonroad@newcastle.gov.uk


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