Bookstart is a national book-gifting scheme built on the simple premise that children who have an early introduction to books benefit in lots of ways: educationally, socially, culturally and emotionally. Libraries encourage parents to become aware and engage in their child's early learning through the enjoyment of book sharing. Here in Newcastle we are working with a range of partners in Health and Education, to deliver Bookstart to babies and children up to four years of age. It will provide stimulating exciting gifts for young children with the aim of encouraging and supporting families to share and enjoy books together.

Bookstart Baby Bag

This pack is a gift to all babies living within Newcastle.

Each pack contains:

  • Two engaging and age-appropriate board books carefully chosen by independent panel of experts such as health visitors and librarians
  • Two colourful finger puppets each containing a rhyme
  • A fun and informative leaflet for parents and carers about the benefits of sharing rhymes and stories with babies from an early age.

You should be offered a Bookstart Baby Bag from your health visitor. If English is not your first language, you may be able to get a book in another language  as  part of your Bookstart packs.

Bookstart bag and contents

Treasure Pack

This is available to children in the academic year in which they turn four, and will be given out by nursery staff/early years practitioners across the city. For more information please see the Bookstart website.

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