Landlord Accreditation Scheme

Landlord Accreditation Scheme

What is the Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme?

The Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme is a nationally recognised scheme that sets out standards relating to both the property and management skills of the landlord. The scheme will provide landlords with accredited properties a demonstrable recognition of their professionalism, and provide tenants with an at a glance guide to properties that are of a high standard and well managed.

The scheme is managed by the Private Rented Service Newcastle and you can find out more about the Accreditation Scheme and other services and support for landlords on our website.

Why should I become accredited?

As an Accredited landlord you will be recognised as having excellent standards and of managing properties that are safe, secure and a great place to live. You will also receive a number of discounts and benefits from local businesses to help you manage your business.

How do I join?

To join is very simple, just complete the application form and we will contact you to arrange for a property visit. Application forms are available on our website, or you can contact us on 0191 277 1438 and we will send one out.

Is it a free scheme?

Yes, it is free to join the scheme.

What do I need to do to be accredited?

Accreditation looks at both the physical condition of a property and how well this property is managed. You will be asked to provide the relevant safety certificates and provide a satisfactory CRB declaration. Each property must be inspected by a council officer to ensure it complies with the set standards (please see the guidance document for details on the standards).

What do I get out of it?

In addition to the recognised status and market edge that comes with accreditation, you and your tenants will be given access to the enhanced services of Newcastle Private Rented Service which includes property advertising, access to Newcastle Rent Deposit Scheme, support and advice on managing your property, access to an online library for useful documents such as tenancy agreements and notices.

I’m a managing agent - can I get accredited to?

Yes, you will follow the same process as an individual landlord and get one or all of the properties you manage in your portfolio accredited. If you would like further information contact the team at or call us on 0191 277 1438 between 9 am and 12 noon Monday to Friday.


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