Scrutiny Involvement for Tenants (SIFT)

Scrutiny Involvement for Tenants (SIFT)

SIFT are a representative group of tenants and leaseholders who work as a team to improve services for all Newcastle City Council tenants and leaseholders. SIFT members are all volunteers.  

They look at the issues affecting tenants and leaseholders and make recommendations for improvement.  

The role of SIFT is to:  

  • Prioritise and oversee tenant led scrutiny activities 

  • Collect evidence so housing services can be scrutinised 

  • Look at evidence and make recommendations for service improvement  

  • Report recommendations to senior management  

  • Monitor and review agreed action plans 

  • Tell other tenants what the panel is doing and encourage them to get involved 

 You can out more about SIFT’s activities here: Scrutiny Involvement for Tenants (