Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

About Tenant Satisfaction Measures

In April 2023, the government introduced new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) for social housing landlords including councils.

The Regulator of Social Housing (the regulator) will use the TSMs to measure whether social housing landlords are delivering good quality homes and housing services. They will also help identify areas that need to be improved. 

Every year the council, and other social housing landlords, will have to assess whether our tenants are satisfied with the homes and housing services we offer. 

The TSMs will make it easier for our tenants to see how well we are doing and hold us to account if something goes wrong or isn't good enough.

The government have said some questions must be included in the TSMs. For example the first question must be about overall satisfaction. 

Social housing landlords can ask other questions as part of the survey to improve understanding of tenants satisfaction and needs.

The results of the TSM survey must be published and shared with the regulator.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures 2023

We want to know what all our tenants think of our homes and housing services. We have appointed Social Engine, an independent research company, to carry out our TSM survey. 

All current council tenants will be contacted directly by email, letter, text or phone and asked for their views on topics such as the condition of their home and if it is easy to get in touch about a problem. 

Other questions ask tenants if they are satisfied with the council’s repairs service and the approach to tackling anti-social behaviour.

Our TSM survey should only take 10 or 15 minutes to complete.  Every tenant will receive a personal link and all responses will be kept confidential. And everyone who responds will be entered into a prize draw and could win up to £200 of shopping vouchers.

The consultation is open until Sunday 14 January 2024 for postal surveys or until 5pm on Sunday 28 January 2024 for people responding online.

If you have any questions about our TSM survey please email tsm@newcastle.gov.uk

Next steps

All responses will go directly to Social Engine. They will analyse the feedback and report their findings to the council. 

We will send the report to the regulator and publish it on this webpage so you can see how we did.

Alternative formats

If you need information on the TSMs or the TSM survey in an alternative format please call 0191 2787878 or email tsm@newcastle.gov.uk


Did you know?

There are 22 Tenant Satisfaction Measures that all social housing landlords must report on.

The TSMs measures are split into two parts. 

  • 10 performance measures. We will use performance management to collect information on these.
  • 12 customer perception measures. We will ask tenants about these in our TSM survey. 

Results from every social housing landlord will be published online for people to see, compare and ask questions about.


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