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The way you apply for council and social housing in Newcastle is changing.  Tyne and Wear Homes is being replaced with a brand new service designed especially for housing in our city.  The new service will start on Wednesday 7 December 2022. 

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new service.

What is Newcastle Homes?

Newcastle Homes is the new way to apply to join the housing register and search and bid for council and social homes in Newcastle.  Newcastle Homes will replace Tyne and Wear Homes.  The new service will be available from Wednesday 7 December 2022. 

Why is the service changing?   

Newcastle Homes will give us more flexibility to adapt and develop our service to meet the needs of people who live or want to live in our city. It will help us improve the way you apply for homes and make it easier for you to find a home that is right for you. 

What is happening to Tyne and Wear Homes? 

Newcastle Homes will replace Tyne and Wear Homes for the Newcastle area.  You should continue using Tyne and Wear Homes to update your details and provide information until Tuesday 6 December 2022.  

Can I continue to bid for properties?

We won't be advertising any new properties after Monday 29 November.  You will be able to start bidding on new properties from Thursday 8 December using Newcastle Homes.

I’ve already applied to Tyne and Wear Homes. Do I need to do anything? 

No. If you have submitted an application to Tyne and Wear Homes for a house in Newcastle you do not need to re-apply.  We will be in touch soon to provide further information about what this means for you. There is no need to contact us. 

How do I access Newcastle Homes? 

From 7 December 2022 you will be able to access Newcastle Homes at  Please don't try to use the site before then as it won't be available. 

Will my login details change? 

No. Your login reference number, password and memorable date will be the same as the ones you use for Tyne and Wear Homes. 

How will I use Newcastle Homes? 

Newcastle Homes will be very similar to Tyne and Wear Homes. You will be able to login, update your details, upload documents and search and bid for properties on the site in the same way. 

Will the status of my application or priority band change? 

No. The status of your application and any priority band that you have been awarded will not change. 

Where can I find out more?

Keep checking this webpage for the most up to date information



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