Council Housing - Your Homes Newcastle

Council Housing - Your Homes Newcastle

Council housing is managed on behalf of Newcastle City Council by Your Homes Newcastle (link to website). We set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor YHN’s performance. 

We also make decisions on how your rent is used to invest in services, Council homes and estates, and oversee the development of new homes.  

Housing regulation 

As your landlord, Newcastle City Council is required to follow Consumer Standards set by the Regulator of Social Housing. These standards cover the following activities:  

  • Managing rents and service charges 

  • Rent collection 

  • Ensuring Council homes are decent and safe 

  • Carrying out repairs and maintenance 

  • Allocating and letting Council homes 

  • Managing Council tenancies 

  • Managing estates  

  • Dealing with anti-social behaviour 

  • Involving and empowering tenants 

  • Tenant Satisfaction Measures for repairs, safety, tenant engagement, complaints and neighbourhood management 

Further information can be found at Information for social housing tenants - GOV.UK ( 

Our policies for tenants and leaseholders 

  • Tenancy Strategy  

  • Allocations and Lettings Policy  

  • Succession Policy  

  • Rent Policy 

Further information can be found housing policies, plans and performance  

Right to Manage  

Council Tenants with a Secure Tenancy have the Right to Manage.  

Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) are how Council tenants can take on collective responsibility for managing their homes. TMOs can take different forms and sizes, from managing a handful of properties to large estates.  

The services managed by the TMO might include day-to-day repairs, allocations and lettings, tenancy management, cleaning and caretaking, and rent collection. The TMO will receive funding from the Council to deliver these services. 

Further information  

If you want to request further information, please e-mail  



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