Getting rid of flies

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What do they look like?

Have whitish eggs that are approximately 1mm in length. The larvae are white/yellow, feed in groups and are up to 12mm long. The pupae are egg shaped and reddish in colour and are usually found in drier areas. Once emerged the adults are greyish with pale stripes on the thorax. They have large red eyes and are approximately 6mm in length.

Photo of a fly

Where do they live?

Everybody experiences flies in their homes at some time or another. Although they do have the potential to spread germs and diseases, there should be no problems encountered if good hygiene standards are maintained and foodstuffs are not freely available to them. Always keep food covered and make sure food waste is bagged securely and tied up. Do not throw out food waste lose into your wheelie bins.

It is only when they appear in large numbers that they can become cause for concern, and this is usually the case for one of two reasons: Either there is infested food matter somewhere nearby, or there is the carcass of a dead animal in which the flies have laid their eggs.

How much of a pest are they?

The main method of control is to find and remove the cause of the problem- Infested food should be quite easy to find and remove. A dead animal however cannot always be found. Good places to check are lofts (for birds, squirrels etc), behind old fireplaces, under floor boards and behind bath panels, kitchen appliances and cupboards.

How can I get rid of pests?

Newcastle City Council provides a pest control service for the treatment of flies when they are in your home or business premises, In many cases, treatment may only take a few minutes and involve the application of industrial insecticide/pesticide which take effect gradually. The pest control operative will tell you what has been done. Please note there are many different kinds of flies, and infestations can be caused by rotten food, a leak or a dead animal in the property.

If you do attempt treatment yourself, when using pesticides always follow the instructions on the label.

Did you know?

Pest Control Charges at a Glance. These are for private, domestic properties.
Type of Pest Typical number of treatments per charge Charge
Wasps 1 - please note that we do not remove nests (includes a non-refundable call out charge) £68.40
Mice up to 3 £84.00
Rats up to 3 £84.00
Bed Bugs to be agreed with YHN YHN only
Cockroaches up to 3 £124.00
Fleas 1 £68.40
Beetles 1 £68.40
Ants 1 £68.00
Flies 1 £68.40
Mites 1 (includes a non-refundable call out charge) £68.40
Silverfish 1 £68.40
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