Getting rid of beetles

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Where do they live?

All these species are often found in the home as adult beetles fly well and can enter the home through open windows and doors, or via lofts and under floor areas. They will sometimes inhabit bird’s nests; it is also therefore advisable to check for nesting birds.

Once inside the home the adult beetles lay up to 200 eggs on a material suitable as food for larvae. They can feed on a wide range of materials including wool, fur, hair, feathers, scraps of human or animal food and the dried remains of animals or plants.

Usually it is the adult beetles that are first noticed, but these cause very little damage at the larval stage however they often cause damage and contamination of the material they have infested.

How much of a pest are they?

These beetles are not known to transmit any diseases to human beings and therefore pose no threat to health. However, control of these pests is advisable to prevent the economic losses that can result from the damage and contamination of household materials and food.

Although these beetles may be encountered in the home, their presence in large numbers is often the result of poor standards of hygiene. Before carrying out any insecticidal control, the areas where the beetles have been found should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any food debris and infested material.

How can I get rid of pests?

Newcastle City Council provides a pest control service for the treatment of beetles when they are in your home or business premises, In many cases, treatment may only take a few minutes and involve the application of industrial insecticide/pesticide which take effect gradually.  The pest control operative will tell you what has been done.

Did you know?

Pest Control Charges at a Glance. These are for private, domestic properties.
Type of Pest Typical number of treatments per charge Charge
Wasps 1 - please note that we do not remove nests (includes a non-refundable call out charge) £68.40
Mice up to 3 £84.00
Rats up to 3 £84.00
Bed Bugs to be agreed with YHN YHN only
Cockroaches up to 3 £124.00
Fleas 1 £68.40
Beetles 1 £68.40
Ants 1 £68.00
Flies 1 £68.40
Mites 1 (includes a non-refundable call out charge) £68.40
Silverfish 1 £68.40
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Is this page useful?