Play Areas

Play Areas

Newcastle is home to more than 160 outdoor play areas, with most managed by us and some owned by other organisations.

Our aim is to have exciting, engaging and vibrant play spaces across the city that support children, families and communities to stay healthy and active.

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Play Area Investment Plan

Following our Open Spaces Study in 2016 and Play Space Plan of 2018, Newcastle City Council worked with partners across the city and independent experts to create a plan for investment in children and youth play spaces.

This Play Area Investment Plan, which was agreed by our Cabinet in 2019, included improvements ranging from a low level clean-ups and removal of graffiti, through to the installation of new equipment, resurfacing, or in some cases alternative options to create attractive, vibrant new spaces.  

The Covid-19 pandemic delayed the implementation of this plan, but in 2021/22 plans are in place for 33 sites.

These plans fall into three categories:

  • Invest – A site that will receive replacement or new equipment
  • Repair - A play area where existing equipment will be repaired.
  • Alternative – Sites where different types of play spaces will be created. For example this could include introducing more green play space, or making changes that remove some existing elements while retaining low maintenance items.

Completed play area works

Play area Who it belongs to Type of change
Armstrong Park multi use games area (MUGA) Urban Green Newcastle (UGN) Invest
Bells Yard Newcastle City Council (NCC) Invest
Britannia Place NCC Alternative
Eastgarth West / Newbiggin Lane NCC Invest
Edgeware Walk MUGA NCC Repair
Hareydene NCC Alternative
Kenton Bar / Mallowburn NCC Alternative
Kenton Crescent NCC Alternative
Molineux Court MUGA NCC Repair
Monday Crescent / Todds Nook NCC Alternative
Ouseburn Park / Chelmsford Grove UGN Invest
Rye Hill Play Area NCC Repair
Swans Rec Ground MUGA NCC Invest

Future play area works

Play area Who it belongs to Type of change
Aydon Walk / Apperley Newcastle City Council (NCC) Invest
Celandine Close Private land Alternative
Coach Lane NCC Invest
Cornhill NCC Invest
Denton Dene North NCC Repair
Dorcas Avenue / Sunnybank Avenue NCC Invest
Fawdon Park NCC Invest
Gibson Street NCC Invest
Kingsley / Normanton Terrace NCC Invest
Ladykirk Road MUGA NCC Alternative
Land to the rear of Vallum Road / St Oswalds Green MUGA NCC Invest
North Benwell Park / Farndale Play Area NCC Invest
North Benwell Park MUGA NCC Invest
St Ann's Close NCC Alternative
Valley View NCC Invest
Whitworth Close / Church Walk NCC Invest

Case studies

  • Armstrong Park

    Improvements have been made to existing facilities, including repairing and resurfacing paths, and making defective fencing and entrances safe.

    We renovated the old tennis courts, renewing their playing surface, adding new court markings and replacing the net posts.

    nd we renewed the basketball courts, updating their line markings and backboards.

    We also d
    eveloped a new fitness zone with equipment for both individual and group activities.

Armstrong Park playground

  • Monday Crescent

    Work was carried out to improve the layout and access, with new multi-use goals allowing for a variety of activities.

Monday Crescent playground

  • Bells Yard

    We've renewed the play surfaces to improve the safety of the playground and multi-use court, while extending the sites fencing.

    New equipment, including a trampoline and a basketball / netball practice goal, have been installed.

    And we've introduced wild flower planters, with amendments to seating and how people circulate around the playground.

Bells Yard playground

Urban Green Newcastle Play Areas

The following play areas are managed by Urban Green Newcastle (UGN).  Any enquiries about these play areas, including reports on any safety issues,  should be emailed to

  • Armstrong Park
  • City Stadium Play Area
  • City Stadium MUGA
  • Elswick Park Play Areas
  • Elswick Park MUGA
  • Exhibition Park Play Area
  • Exhibition Park MUGA & Tennis Courts
  • Exhibition Park Skate Park
  • Gosforth Central Park Play Area
  • Gosforth Central Park MUGA & Tennis
  • Harbottle Park Play Area
  • Heaton Park Toddlers Play Area
  • Heaton Park Older Children's Plan Area
  • Heaton Spinney Play Area
  • Hodgkin Park Play Areas
  • Hodgkin Park MUGA
  • Iris Brickfield Fenced Play Area
  • Iris Brickfield Open Play Area
  • Kingston Park Play Area
  • Leazes Park Play Area
  • Leazes Park tennis & basketball areas
  • Newburn Riverside Younger Play Area
  • Newburn Riverside Older Play Area
  • North Kenton
  • Nuns Moor Play Area
  • Nuns Moor Tennis Courts
  • Ouseburn / Chelmsford Grove
  • Paddy Freeman's Fenced Play Area
  • Paddy Freeman's Open Play Area
  • Pet's Corner Play Area
  • St Lawrence's Play Area & Kickabout
  • Summerhill Square Play Area
  • The Quarry / Audley Road
  • Walker Park Play Area
  • Walker Park Skate Area
  • Walker Park MUGA
  • Westerhope Park Play Area

Report a problem with a Newcastle City Council play area

We visit and inspect our children's play areas at least once a week. Before reporting an issue please check our list to see if the play area is maintained by Urban Green Newcastle. Issues with UGN play areas need to be reported by email to

We also encourage the public to report when play equipment is broken and may be dangerous.

To report any problem with a Newcastle City Council play area, please contact Your Local Services on 0191 278 78 78 or complete the report a play area problem online form.

Where equipment is reported as dangerous we aim to make it safe within eight hours, if the report is made during office hours, or the next working day outside of these hours.

In some instances, this means that certain equipment may be fenced off to prevent it from being used.

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