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Crisis Support Scheme Figures 2020/21

Figures shown for 2020/2021


Funding available for 2020/21 is £250,000
Crisis Support Number of Applications Number of Awards Amount Spent Number of Rejections
Crisis, Disaster or Emergency 32 14 £1,480 18

Universal Credit

186 81 £7,191 105
COVID-19 102 71 £6,764 31


Majority of awards granted were assistance in the form of home delivery shopping, food cards, gas and electric top up vouchers, clothes vouchers and various travel packages arranged by Newcastle City Council Travel Office. Customers were given support due to waiting period of payments and incorrect awards of Universal Credit.

In addition to applications from residents who experience exceptional hardship as not receiving wages or awaiting benefits/furlough payment.

Back to work package to help those securing employment with travel, food and utility bills until their first pay is received. Typical package includes a Tyne & Wear travel pass for up to one month, a home shopping delivery and a gas and electric voucher. This helps those that may not have taken employment due to having no money available and not being able to afford to travel to work.

Further Information on the breakdown of spend

Assistance provided Cost % of Spend
Food Delivery £ 0.00
Food Voucher £ 0.00
Dry Store collection £ 0.00
Cash voucher or BACS payment £15,075 97.67
Gas & Electric top up voucher £360 2.33
Clothing Voucher £ 0.00
Travel Ticket or Travel Pass £ 0.00
Crisis Support total cost in 2020/2021 £15,435 100.00


Appeals/Requests for Review received in 2020/21

Number of Appeals / Review 0
Number of Successful Appeals / Review 0
Number of Unsuccessful 0
2020/2021 Number of applications Number of awards Rejections
April 2020 188 104 84
May 2020 132 62 70
June 2020      
July 2020      
August 2020      
September 2020      
October 2020      
November 2020      
December 2020      
January 2021      
February 2021      
March 2021      
Total 320 166 154


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