Short break carers for children with disabilities

Short break carers for children with disabilities

Shared Care provides short breaks to children with complex disabilities and health needs and consists of a team of approved carers, who play an important role in the lives of disabled children and their families. By offering to care for a disabled child,  Shared Care carers give the families of disabled children and young people a much needed short break and the chance to relax. They also give disabled children the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy new experiences.

Who is it for?

Children and young people aged between 0 to 18 years who meet the criteria can be referred for Shared Care.

How do I access it?

The service is accessed by a request from a social worker in the Children with Disabilities Team or a hospital social worker.

For further advice you should talk to our Children with Disabilities Team or  email

I'm interested in becoming a Shared Care foster carer?

If you could offer any time and have had experience with looking after a child or young person with special needs, become a shared carer to help give young people with a disability different, happy experiences, either in the child's home, your home, or in the community. To learn more about the different type of foster carers at visit our Fostering website at

Need more information?

To find out about accessing Shared Care for your child telephone our Children with Disabilities Team on 0191 277 4700 (weekdays 9am to 5pm)

To find out more about becoming a Shared Care carer telephone our Fostering service on 0191 277 2430 (weekdays 9am to 5pm)


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