Sale of Energy Drinks

Sale of Energy Drinks

Recently there has been a great deal of publicity, on the fact that national retailers have agreed to voluntarily ban the sale of energy drinks to customers under 16 years of age.

The Government in a Consultation proposed new laws to limit the sale of energy drinks amid continuing concern over the health implications of their consumption by children. The consultation sought views on what products should be included in any restrictions, what age limit a ban should apply to, whether sales of energy drinks from vending machines should be restricted, and whether there are any changes that would be more appropriate than a ban on sales to children or that could be applied as well as a ban.

The Consultation was put forward in response to strong calls from parents, health professionals, teachers and some industry bodies and retailers for an end to sales of high-caffeine energy drinks to children. 

Energy drinks are soft drinks that contain high levels of caffeine than other soft drinks, and may also contain a lot of sugar. Evidence suggests that excessive consumption of energy drinks by children is linked to negative health outcomes, such as headaches, sleeping problems, irritation and tiredness.    

The City Council has therefore now requested retailers in Newcastle, that may be stocking and selling high-caffeine energy drinks; that they show their support for a voluntary ban in Newcastle and they can do this by the display of a poster, copies of which have been sent out to retailers. Under the voluntary ban in Newcastle, retailers agree not to sell to under 16's any of their products that can be classed as high-caffeine energy drinks. 

If retailers are advised that if they are not sure of the customer's age and they appear to be under 16, they should ask for proof of age. If the customer is under 16, they then should refuse the sale.

Please contact us directly if you have not received your copy of the poster. A copy can be downloaded here. (pdf 193 kb)


Trading Standards service, Directorate of Operations and Regulatory Services, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH. Email: 

Did you know?

In the EU, it is estimated that 30% of adults and 68% of adolescents consume energy drinks, with global sales estimated to be around $12 billion in 2012. 

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