Doorstep Crime and No Cold Calling Zones

Doorstep Crime and No Cold Calling Zones

Doorstep crime is when rogue traders knock at your door and pressure you into buying something or signing up for a service, they may do this by cold calling via the telephone or in a face to face visit. If you are contacted by such traders or are aware of any operating in your residential area, if it is safe to do so please contact us with any information you have about the traders, or if necessary Northumbria Police.

Newcastle No Cold Calling Zones

Not all traders are dishonest, but there are things you can do to make sure that you don't become a victim;

  • Identify who is calling by insisting on seeing and checking their identification

  • If you are suspicious or have concerns do not open your door at all and at all times, use a door chain or spy hole

  • Don't be rushed into agreeing to buy

  • Take your time to make a decision and one which is the right one for you

  • Never hand money up front.

Financial Abuse

The Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board on the 15 November 2021 launched guidance on identifying, preventing and responding to financial abuse.

Financial abuse can be wide-ranging and complex. It can be difficult to identify and knowing where to go for help might be confusing for both the person at risk and those supporting them. The guidance aims to help with this.

This guidance is primarily in relation to adults with care and support needs and is intended to complement the over-arching Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board multi-agency safeguarding adults policy and procedures.  However, many of the services, support and information detailed are universal and are available to all adults.

Over the last five years, financial abuse has accounted for between 16-19% of all Section 42 enquiries undertaken in Newcastle. Financial abuse can have a serious impact upon a person, not only on their money or property but also on their overall wellbeing, physical and mental health.

Scams Awareness

The annual Scams Awareness campaign is an annual opportunity to raise awareness and empower consumers to take action against those crimes. Scams are many and varied, with increasingly complexity and sophistication. By arming consumers with the knowledge they need to recognise a scam, they can protect themselves and those around them, preventing harm in the first place.

Scams are not just a minor inconvenience to consumers. Aside from financial loss, they can cause distress, misery, and even if a scam has been avoided, it can lead to a widespread loss of consumer confidence. Please remember they can happen to anyone.  

Scam examples

For information about Universal Credit scams please see our dedicated page.

For other examples of scams affecting consumers please see:

No Cold Calling Zones

The No Cold Calling Zones (NCCZ's) we have set up aim to decrease doorstep crime incidents by specifying an area in which uninvited traders are not welcome. These are set up in partnership with Northumbria Police and Safe Newcastle, and all residents are given a window sticker.  It can be a criminal offence for unwanted traders to come into the zone and the advice we offer provides residents the confidence to say 'no' when approached on their doorstep. We will investigate why traders are operating within a NCCZ if they should not be. There are currently 48 NCCZ's implemented in Newcastle covering some 51,741 households. 

No Cold Calling Zone Locations

We have zones set up throughout the city where an area has met the criteria that; there is a history of doorstep crime or distraction burglary, a vulnerable population, and within a defined geographic area. If you are within a NCCZ you should have received a consultation letter, and notification of when the zone was implemented along with a window sticker to display on your property. If you have not received this, please contact us for a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you believe an area could benefit from the protection of a NCCZ please contact us for information about the process. We have prepared some FAQ guidance (pdf 126 kb) which may be of assistance. 

To access a guide on Doorstep Crime as published by the House of Commons go to Guide (pdf 1 Mb)

A list of the current zones are also available.


In order to promote our work with scams, we aim to publish a bi-annual newsletter. To access a copy of our newsletter go to High Standard (pdf 924 kb).

Press Article

To see an article promoting the work related to NCCZ's please see the Newcastle Chronicle's article on a No Cold Calling Zone introduced in Kenton.


Trading Standards service, Directorate of Operations and Regulatory Services, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH. Email:

Did you know?

We have 46 zones implemented across Newcastle, protecting some 56,759 households. Nine of our of our wards: Parklands, Walkergate, Benwell & Scotswood, Kenton, North Jesmond, Chapel, Dene and South Gosforth, Blakelaw and West Fenham have all been declared as No Cold Calling Zones.

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