Council Property and Land Ownership

Council Property and Land Ownership

Information and data about land and buildings owned by the council and enquiries about land and property in council ownership.

Land and buildings owned by the council

Click on the map to view all land and buildings that we own. We update this quarterly.

The documents below are a comprehensive list of land and building assets we own, taken from our asset register on 3 April 2019. It provides a snapshot of our property portfolio on that date for the financial year 2018/19. Data is provided as a  pdf and a CSV document. Read more about what the data does and doesn’t include and a glossary of terms.                   


Licence information

This data is published under the Open Government Licence which permits open onward reuse.


If you have any queries on our land ownership, email Property Systems team For details of land that we don't own, contact Land Registry

Does the council have records of all lands and buildings within Newcastle?

No, we only keep records relating to council-owned land.

How do I find out about land and property in council ownership?

If you would like information about land or property, email Property Systems team

To help us find the right area include please include:

  • the address and postcode
  • a plan or sketch of the area
  • Contact telephone number
  • any other information you think will help us find it.

I have been told that the council does not own the land, where can I go for further information?

Land Registry has details of the owners of registered land and you may be able to search for details of ownership online.

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